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For heaven's sake eat some fat....

Posted Aug 22 2012 12:20pm
It's still beautiful outside, but fall weather is looming and so is back to school.

Not that i'm in school but somehow this time of year is still 'the beginning of the new year for me' December 31 is for drinking - September 1 is new habits, getting organized and generally getting my sh*t together.

I love this time of year, partly because i have a jean and boot addiction and also because I love making lists of new goals, thoughts, ideas etc.

I'm not a teenager - to look good and feel good I actually have to make an effort now - yes it kind of sucks but at the same time it can be rewarding.

I love Kilos

When I work with clients or even just chat with friends about food/life/ etc somehow the conversation always ends up around trying to lose weight, or get rid of those last 10 pounds.

First - i hate pounds. I'm a kilo girl. - weighing kilos sounds better than any type of pound, heck I love stones too. Much better than pounds - pounds seems to have become a loaded word.

Anyway back to the focus: losing weight.

I'm not a fan of anybody starting a "diet" to lose weight. 

1. Because it sounds temporary
2. Losing weight is a crappy goal

Better goals:
1. Feeling sexy
2. Feeling like you have energy when you get up and a 4pm...
3. Fitting into jeans you really want

I think there are lost of people who have weight to lose - I'm not going to argue that point. However if you actually want to lose weight you need the goal to be bigger than X amount of pounds.

Diets as the term is understood today is a short term thing to lose weight.

It doesn't work.

What you really want is a lifestyle change.

The bad news is that means it lasts a lot longer than a diet.

The good news is it actually can work.

So if you want to lose weight here are some things to consider:
1. Why are you eating too much?
Is it habit, emotional, blood sugar induced cravings roller coaster, lack of protein, lack of fat. I can guarantee you it isn't lack of carbs...

2. What's the macro nutrient breakdown of what yo eat daily?
 If it's 85% carb, 10% protein and 5% fat - the likelihood is that you're carrying more than you should.

3. How do you define healthy food? 
Stop eating low fat and  "diet" products. They raise blood insulin levels and leave you craving more faster. The best 'lifestyle change' foods are real foods. Like chicken, spinach, olive oil.

Finally i want to address the total lie that has been around for years that if you want to lose weight you should avoid any kind of dietary fat like the plague.

Its bullsh*t.

There are terrible man made fats that you should absolutely avoid, like transfats, or margarine.

I eat tons of real natural fat - fat on grass fed meats, organic butter, olive oil, eggs, coconut oil - in fact i love fat, and it promotes being healthy and leaner.

So grab some new knowledge, think about your goals for September and enjoy some real food, with some real fat.

If you want more information of fats, macronutrients or anything, drop me a note, and below I've linked to some great books, and websites.

In health,


PS. And yes a drink is okay too ; )

Fat Resources
The Daily Lipid Blog

Mark Sisson blogs about fat

Harvard discusses the truth about fats...

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