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Football Star Says There Is Too Much Fashion And Body Image Pressure On Women

Posted Sep 21 2010 12:15am
Oh my goodness.  Could this week get any better?  My beloved Collingwood Football Club are playing in the upcoming Australian Football League Grand Final this Saturday and we go into the game with an amazing team and a solid chance of winning.  It could be our first premiership in twenty years and I have my fingers and toes crossed for a big win.  Yes Beautiful You - I'm a footy chick!

As if that wasn't enough to get me excited, one of our most dynamic young players, Harry O'Brien, has come out in the media today saying that he believes there is far too much pressure on the wives and girlfriends of footballers when attending large scale events such as the Brownlow Medal Count last night.  How are these for wise words from a young man...

"There's so much emphasis in our society on materialistic things,'' All-Australian defender O'Brien said.  "Women have so many issues with their body shape with wanting all these external things that they think will make them complete.''  

I heart these words from Harry who is clearly saying that such events, especially when combined with intense media interest in what women are wearing and their body shape, simply place too much pressure on women.  He's right.  They do.  How could they not when we have huge full colour, full page stories in the major papers today ranking the female attendees and giving them a score out of ten based on their appearance and attire.  Or how about this charming website where some ladies get crowned with a nine out of ten and are supposedly "freakin amazing" and others get a dreaded one and a half and are deemed to supposedly have a "kids ass" for breasts.  How absolutely horrible. 

My heart goes out to those young women today who have found themselves at the pointy and snarky end of a Best and Worst Dressed list.  When oh when will they cease to exist?  I have expressed my disappointment in these lists at Beautiful You before because I believe they are not fun and cheeky anymore - rather a chance for armchair fashion critics to praise those women they believe 'get it right' and tear those down who get it wrong, with snide, cruel and demeaning comments.  Where's the fun in that?  All women who get dressed up to attend a glamorous evening surely must go with every intention of wanting to look beautiful, confident and their best self.  Whatever they choose to wear is their choice as a reflection of that.  If others don't like it - well - I can only hope they have the strength to stand by their choice and not take things to heart.

It's wonderful that men like Harry O'Brien are speaking out and saying they want this appearance based focus to cease for the benefit of the women attending.  Might I also add it would be beneficial for those women watching too.

Good luck on Saturday Harry!  You've just given me a reason to cheer even louder for you.

Image: Herald Sun
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