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Foot Woes, Vol. II

Posted Jun 06 2012 8:28pm


Have you ever broken a bone before? I have. It was the day before my 11th birthday – a pool party – and I broke my arm in 2 places. Ya know what’s not fun? Sitting at the edge of a pool with your arm in a plastic bag. ::sob story complete::


What’s even less fun, from what I hear, is having your foot tested for a broken bone using a tuning fork. Yes, folks, this medieval looking device is still  used today in alternative medicine. Here’s how it works: a practitioner will tap the edge of the fork to create a vibration and then place the single end of the device on the surface of the skin right over the bone-in-question. If the vibration is felt through the bone without pain, then a major fracture is ruled out. YIPEE. If you have a fracture, well, you aren’t going to be too pleased with said vibrating device anywhere near it!

After my recent mysterious injury and the subsequent long-term pain, it was time to pony up and  get an x-ray to rule out a stress fracture. Stress fractures are common in people who perform high-impact, repetitive activities – and especially in runners who increase mileage too quickly. To train for my half marathon, I was using a combination of two Hal Higdon plans . Now it seems that perhaps my body needed a few more short runs each week to ramp up to those longer runs. In any event the x-rays did not reveal a stress fracture. Rather, a healthy looking foot from a structural stand point.

So what now? The best guess is that there’s a soft tissue issue going on. Unfortunately that still means that high impact activity is out of the question if I want to nip this problem in the bud and continue to enjoy the warmer weather on two working feet. While I find it difficult to officially declare that this weekend’s half marathon is out of the question – it’s becoming more of a reality in order to preserve my active lifestyle. Plus, did I mention I’m thrilled not to be put in a boot or cast, because I am thrilled !

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