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Foods You'll Love to Eat

Posted Mar 09 2010 10:48am

(My Favorite food is a Banana Split. If I had a last super this is what I'd have. However, I am hoping to live long and vibrantly into old age so I've had to learn to love some other foods that were a little better for me.)

By, Vanessa
OurHealth Staff Writer

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night starving. As I went to the kitchen to retrieve my strawberry and almond Fiber One bar (thanks Tanya for putting me on), I started to think that any successful weight loss or weight maintenance plan has to include a change in thinking about food.

We can not tell ourselves that we are going to give up the foods we love in order to reach some magic number on the scale. Instead we need to learn to love different foods. I love to snack. In the past my love of snack foods = junk foods = me never reaching my goals. But once I started to search out new foods to snack on that I actually liked it completely changed my cravings. It’s still possible to catch me with a bag of peanut M&M’s, but since I rarely stock these type of things in my house and since my cravings have changed, it’s more likely that you will catch me with a fruit and nut bar.

In the spirit of finding foods that are good for you and also healthy I thought I would share some of my favorite treats. I know one of the obstacles that many people face when setting out to lose weight or change their eating habit is the big question – what am I supposed to eat now?

Here’s what I love to eat. Feel free to share some of your favorite healthy foods and snacks in the comments section.

Fage Greek Yogurt - so thick and rich and satisfying. I eat this for breakfast in the morning with fresh raspberries and almonds or I have it as a dessert style snack drizzled with honey. Yum, yum, yum.

Kind Fruit & Nut Bars - this is my go to snack. So filling and satisfying and delicious. Way better than a candy bar and way better for you.

Decaf Chai Tea - I drink 3-4 cups of this a day. It's the main thing that keeps me from snacking while watching TV or sitting around surfing the web. The flavor profile has cinnamon and nutmeg and other spices. Add a drop of milk and sweeten with a bit of honey or Splenda. Oh, yeah. Can't get enough Chai Tea.

Blueberries - This may sound crazy but what I love most about blueberries is that you can pop them in your mouth like candy. I pour a bunch in a bowl and walla - kind of like natural Skittles.

Roasted Vegetables - roasting my vegetables changed my life. I rarely cook them any other way. Roasting really brings out the flavor but maintains the freshness and crunch. I roast my asparagus, green beans, broccoli and brussel sprouts, drizzled in olive oil with Kosher salt. If you haven't tried this you are REALLY missing out.

La Croix Sparkling Water - what's the point of soda? It provides zero nutritional value, is loaded with sugar and artificial flavors and of course calories. Sparkling water is zero calories but still gives you the fizz we all love from soda. I was actually drinking 4-5 cans of this a day but I recently cut down because too much carbonation was causing me to feel bloated.

Fiber One Bars - They come in lots of flavors but my favorite is the strawberry and almond. When I have one of these with a cup of my chai tea it's like a complete decadent meal.

Give us some ideas of what foods you like to eat!
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