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Foods, which you never thought could improve sexual performance, and boost the libido

Posted Oct 04 2012 11:11am

For ages, people have been looking for the perfect aphrodisiac, and the fist place they have usually looked at is the foods and drinks, which would boost the sexual desire and performance. Some of the foods considered classic aphrodisiacs seem logical to be such, like chocolate, figs or raw oysters.
But, here are several, which people will rarely associate with sexual desire and increased libido Garlic.Well, you probably would have to admit that garlic breath is the last think you associate with romance and sex, but the truth is that garlic contains allicin which is known to improve and increase the blood flow to the sexual organs. The problem with this aphrodisiac you have to bear with the smell, and also the desired effect is achieved only after long-term consumption of large quantities. Maybe, you could try a garlic supplement instead.
Celery. People say that not only celery is an excellent ingredient for soups and stews, as well a perfect garnish for a Bloody Mary, but it also an excellent sexual booster. The reason is its high content of the male pheromone androstrone a sub product of testosterone, known to stimulate sexual arousal in women. At the same time, experts argue that a plant can’t produce a human pheromone. Our thoughts are – why not give it a try? It won’t hurt you after all.
Pumpkin seeds. Their high content of zinc helps testosterone boost, and also all the vitamins and minerals these seeds are packed with are great as libido boosters. They are actually a delicious snack when roasted.
Chilies. A hot chili will boost the production of endorphins in your body, and this on the other hand will further help increase the sexual desire. The hotness of red hot chilies comes from the capsaicin , which we can bravely say is a natural aphrodisiac. So, if you can handle it, have some chilies with your partner.
Eggs. Would you have considered a boiled egg an aphrodisiac, well, probably not. But anyway, the B6 and B5 Vitamins in eggs help reducing stress and are great for the hormonal balance. This on the other hand is crucial for a good libido. The high level of Cholesterol in eggs will boost a man’s libido almost immediately, which is why in some cases, men have been known to eat a raw egg right before intercourse, which in fact could be dangerous because of the salmonella risk. A more romantic type of eggs you can try eating with your partner is some caviar. Fish eggs are rich in the same B6 and B5 vitamins as well.
Liver. Well, this is probably to last food you expected on this list, but the truth is that liver is an excellent glutamine source, which is the natural fuel for the body cells. This is why, by eating liver you can increase your libido. Eat it cooked of course.

Sweet basil stimulates the sex drive. It especially boosts female fertility and libido.

Spinach. Spinach on the other hand is an aphrodisiac for men particularly, because it causes the decreased production of estrogen in men, which not only increase the libido, but can make your muscles leaner. Spinach can be consumed both cooked and raw.

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