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Foodie Flashback & Pizza Product Review

Posted Nov 02 2010 6:57am

Happy Tuesday bloggies!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my anniversary post <3

Today is an alarmingly busy day for me. I have three proposals to write up and a test to study for (I am so ready to graduate) In light of how hectic my day promises to be I can’t leave you with a long post. Instead here’s a foodie flashback with a couple of recipes for the things that have been rocking my world lately, and a long-overdue product review for one of my favorite frozen pizza entrées.

Let’s start with breakfast (typical ;D) My oat bowls have been delish lately!

It all started with the pumpkin pie biscotti I made a little while ago. I had a ton of pumpkin crumbs and toasted almonds that had fallen from the two batches I made, so I literally just tipped them off of the cookie sheets and into a bowl to save for the next day:

Oat bran with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg topped with spiced pumpkin purée, toasted almonds, and biscotti crumbs <3 Perfection.

Pouring Action! This is one of my favorites. Instead of making my bran with milk, or with water, sometimes I sub in TEA! This isn’t particularly creative of me but I love it. Without any garnish whatsoever my morning oats sing with notes of orange peel, vanilla and bergamot.  I also make my oats with coffee when I’m feeling particularly frisky ;)

I have also feasted on some fantastic salads:

Strawberry Spinach Mango with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Spring Blend with Radicchio, Massaged Avocado and Mary’s Gone Crackers (<3)

Yesterday I enjoyed a Whole Foods date with one of my favorite people <3 In the bowl: steamed broccoli, grilled eggplant, steamed kale, curried chickpeas and 3-4 cubes (I can’t eat much of this) of marinated tofu. Notably, I tried my very first FELAFEL. Big surprise? I loved it ;) I think a baked version would be even better!!

  • Do you have a recipe for baked felafel? Link me to your blog, or the recipe!

At Whole Foods I also picked up a Kabocha squash, a teensy apple, and some organic coconut sap-based sweetener that I have yet to try. I went straight to work with the kabocha for dinner yesterday:

I started with one kabocha squash, that I promptly chopped, cleaned and roasted in wedges for 35-40 minutes at 375 degrees. I marinated the wedges with balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes, italian seasoning and lots of crystal sea salt. I kept the seeds and dried them out overnight. They’re sitting on a cookie sheet right now waiting to be baked. I think that they would make delish “croutons”!

Saving the best for last, I’ve also been enjoying a TON of this healthy pizza that I make a point of buying every time I go to Whole Foods:

I’ve decided that I’m going to feature one of my favorite organic food companies and/or one of their products every week :) These will range from frozen meals, like the one I’m about to share with you, to my favorite yogurts, etc. I love reading your reviews, so I figured it would be fun to start writing reviews of my own. I hope they make your grocery-aisle decisions a little easier ;)

This pizza was one of the first things that jumped to mind when I rooted around my cupboards/freezer trying to decide on what I wanted to share with you.

The Life Choices Brand is based in Canada, and goes by Living Right Natural Foods in the US. Life Choices and Living Right are dedicated to organic cuisine, and so they only use premium natural and organic ingredients in their meals.

Along with ensuring that every package contains only the best frozen produce and ingredients, their mission extends to the packaging itself. Living Right Natural Foods is doing big things with a teeny environmental footprint, achieved by sourcing local raw materials and ensuring that their packaging is recyclable.

My personal favorite is this no-cheese thin-crust veggie pizza. The whole wheat crust is crispy, the veggies are delicious (a mixture of onion, corn, broccoli, red pepper, mushroom and tomato) and 1/4 of the pizza comes in at a laughably low 150 calories. I often cook up a pizza and eat the -entire- thing over lunch/dinner. Mmm!

I need you to shake the misconception that ALL pizza is bad for you. I hope that reading this review as well as that recipe for honey whole wheat pizza crust that I posted awhile back are enough to convince you. Along with coming it at under 150 calories per 1/4, check out the health stats on the no-cheese veggie pie:

Taken from their website,

As you can see, when you buy a frozen pizza product from Living Right/Life Choices you’re actually opting for a very healthy frozen meal. A thin pizza crust loaded with organic tomato sauces and veggies is a choice I’d make over sandwiches every time; thin crust pizza isn’t crispy-chewy and not too “bready,” like some sandwiches can be. This means that you can actually taste your toppings instead of smothering them between thick slices of bread.

This cheeseless pizza is my personal favorite, too. Opting for a sans-cheese entrée cuts down on fat to make this a no-brainer go-to. The flavors of the veggies are so good on their own that I promise you won’t miss the dairy. Sometimes, when I’m feeling wild, I add a little bit of nutrtiional yeast for flavor. If you find you’re really missing the cheese, I suggest you give it a try. The yellow color is very appetizing.

I look forward to trying more Living Right/Life Choices products so that I can review them here for you!

  • Do you ever buy frozen pizza meals? {If not, I bet you will now ;D} Which brands do you enjoy?
  • What are some products you’d like to see me review?

Have wonderful tuesdays!

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