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Foodie Dreams Do Come True and Eccentric Movement Studio

Posted Aug 05 2011 9:33am

Sometimes foodie dreams do come true…

Like receiving my  Sunwarrior Protein Value Pack

sunwarrior protein powder value pack

On the same day that I finish off a Jar of Teddie’s Peanut Butter.

best sale find- 2 jars for $5 teddie peanut butter 2

In this Chocolate Peanut Butter  Sunwarrior  Overnight Oats OIAJ mix:

sunwarrior oats in a jar, OIAJ, overnight oats with sunwarrior protein powder and peanut butter 3

This OIAJ combo was so thick and delicious that it passed the Dairy Queen ice cream cone test!

sunwarrior oats in a jar, OIAJ, overnight oats with sunwarrior protein powder and peanut butter 2


Awesome Total Toning Class at Eccentric Movement Studio

Yesterday, I drove to the nearby town of Andover to take an amazing Total Body Toning class taught by Liz Morrison, Eccentric Movement Studio owner, instructor, and personal trainer extraordinaire. Liz specializes in using light weights, eccentric movements, and isometric holds to target and strengthen individual muscles.



As someone who typically focuses on large muscle group exercises with heavy weight, I was really excited to take Liz’s class. It was simply awesome. Using 2 pound dumb bells, 1 pound balls, and light resistance bands, Liz led us through an hour of exercises that challenged my entire body. Clearly, she was able to hit some muscles that I have been neglecting because boy am I sore!

In addition to her Total Body Toning Class, Liz offers Full Body Barre, Abs and Arms Express, Piyo (Pilates and Yoga combo), Yoga, and personal training. The small class size, cool and relaxing atmosphere, and excellent instruction make the Eccentric Movement a one of a kind fitness studio. If you live in or are visiting the North Shore area, I highly recommend taking an Eccentric Movement class, the first one is free!


Change of Plans

I had originally planned to have all of my work and errands done yesterday and be on my way to D.C. by early this morning. However, last night I realized that not only had I not finished my work or packed but I simply exhausted. Since I’m going to need a good amount of energy for my solo 10 hour drive, I decided to stay an extra day to finish my work, pack, and rest.

I would love to hear from you…

What is your current foodie dream?

Have you ever tried a group fitness class that really surprised you?

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