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Food You Eat is affecting Your Cholesterol Levels

Posted Nov 25 2010 8:33am

< p>It’s a known fact that cholesterol is a very important reason for various heart illnesses. Cholesterol as such isn’t a dangerous substance.It only poses health risks when it exists within the body in disproportionate quantities. High cholesterol can harm your heart as well the circulatory system.Over the top cholesterol gets deposited on the walls of veins.

The key side of containing cholesterol levels in your body is to control the diet you take. Just like a number of other diet induced health problems, cholesterol issues also emerge if you consume a high fat diet . Folk who consume non vegetarian food are at an extreme risk of high cholesterol levels in their body because egg yolk, chickens and organ meat like that derived from kidney, liver, etc is easily the best source of cholesterol in the body. Compared to this, the vegetarians, basically vegans, are at a much lower risk of cholesterol related problems because plant based food barely has any cholesterol.

A proper diet which doesn’t enhance your cholesterol to shocking levels should include only such amount of fat as is equal to no more than just 25 %- 30 % of your daily calories need.This should be accompanied by a rich, fibrous content because fiber has the capability to glue the additional cholesterol to itself and therefore wash it clear out of your body.

In layman terms, you should control the consumption of margarine, white flour, shortenings, full cream milk and rich cream milk products. It is advised that you must give up all the cooking oils except for olive and canola oil. Prefer ground turkey over ground beef. In addition to this, if you actually have to eat non vegetarian food, you should prefer chicken or fish. You have to fully give up any kind of red beef, there is no debating this particular aspect of your diet.

One of the finest tricks o bring down your cholesterol levels is to change to veganism. Veganism is one of the most life friendly techniques of eating. Besides it’s also the thing in style as many celebs like Alyssa Milano, Sir Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson are following the same.

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