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Food Rules Winner & Corn Sugar

Posted Sep 15 2010 2:00am

Happy Humpday!!!! I was happy to hear that I am not the only fall TV junkie…was kinda embarrassed to reveal all the shows I fill my DVR up with, but now, not so much ;-)

Thanks to everyone for entering the Food Rules Giveaway!! I honestly wish I could ship a copy out to EACH of you….it’s a must-have for your coffee table!

Unfortunately, there could only be one winner:

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#34 Brianna

“I would love to read this book because I want to be more food conscious when making decisions.”

Congrats, Brianna!! I will be contacting you soon to get your mailing info :-)


Something to Watch:


Chat About it:

The Corn Refiners Association applied Tuesday to the federal government for permission to use the name on food labels. The group hopes a new name will ease confusion trick consumers about the into buying the  sweetener, which is used in soft drinks, bread, cereal and other products. Americans consumption of this evil sweetener has dropped to a 20 year all-time low–and the Devil The Corn Refiners Association is freaking out! It will take the FDA two years to make their decision..however, it’s not stopping The CRA from using the new name in their ads. There’s a new online marketing campaign at and on television. Two new commercials try to alleviate shopper confusion, showing people who say they now understand that “whether it’s corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can’t tell the difference. Sugar is sugar…..Well, I HAVE told you the difference a few times, HFCS goes RIGHT to fat storage, its a GMO food, and 99.9% of it contains pesticides, it’s linked to obesity and type II diabetes….I have talked more about it particularly  here, where I explained all about sugar metabolism–along with my post on Monsanto.

You can also check out this video on CBS about how HFCS has been shown to fuel cancer growth!! So, no matter WHAT they name it, the stuff is BAD news! And, the jokes on us if we believe their ads and continue to buy products that contain this garbage…whether it’s  labeled High Fructose Corn Syrup or Corn Sugar…..Genetically modified sugar, is genetically modified sugar….and it’s been making us sick for years. We took a stand, stopped buying it…so now,  they are taking another approach….well, I think we can get a few steps ahead of them…how about you?

What are your thoughts on the name change??

How do you feel about the power that food companies have over consumers decisions to make “healthier” choices through “claims” that are far from the truth, most of the time?

Do you think there should be more regulation on ads, especially all these processed food products that make health claims?

I’ll be back tomorrow with Thirsty Thursday & some more clues–15 more days ;-)

Have a Great Day!


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