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Food Matters (and my husband’s starting to believe it!)

Posted Sep 17 2009 12:00am

I’ll start today’s post with linking to yesterday’s post because I basically ate the same exact thing yesterday as I did the day before (minus the grapes). Got that? No bike ride yesterday, but I did get in my 30-minute walk.

I also went to the Dr’s, who insisted that I need a physical since it’s been about 3 years too long, but I was just there for some pesky rash I developed on my legs. It started out with one bump about a month ago that looked like a pimple and slowly turned into more. Gross, yes. But she put me on 2 different meds and all should be taken care of soon. My husband is especially happy that I won’t be able to shave my legs for 5 more days, and I haven’t shaved them in 4. For the record, I NEED to shave my legs every day. Oh yeah, there was a point to telling you about how I’m going to be sasquatch for the next week and a half: I also got a referral to a Physical Therapist to start strengthening my shin so I don’t blow it out again.

Speaking of my husband, he made me fall of my chair an interesting comment last night at supper. Something along the lines of “I thought I had been eating healthy at work everyday, but I felt bad today eating my sandwich from D’Angelo’s.” And my sneaky response of “Why did you feel bad?” And his somewhat right response “Because white bread is such a waste. I should just save the calories for something else.”

Okay, so not the exact reason I was looking for, but I’ll take it! You see, my DH eats lunch out every day. He works for the phone company, drives around all day, and likes to get out of his truck and sit in a regular seat to eat, have a place to wash up, etc. We’ve tried the take-your-lunch-to-work route, and either he’d forget it or not eat it because he just wanted a change of scenery. Yes, there are healthy places to eat lunch, but the options run out rather quickly when you do it every day.

About a month and a half ago, he contracted Lyme Disease (probably on the job), and being the health-pusher good wife that I am, I did a bit of research and learned that organic, whole foods are best for those dealing with Lyme Disease. Why? Because it takes less effort for the body to break down whole, natural foods than processed crap filled with junk that the body doesn’t recognize. It was the perfect time for me to get back on track after a summer of too many goodies, and it was a perfect time to force-feed give my husband a reason to start eating healthier. So, I started feeding him a bunch of information, telling him how eating differently would only help him, blah, blah, and I guess some of it started to seep into that ol’ brain of his.

Is this a comprehensive book review? No. Do I recommend reading the book? Yes!

Ah, yes, onto the title of this post. I’ve been reading Food Matters by Mark Bittman amd trying to incorporate a lot of the major points into my daily eating. Well, there’s one major point of the book: Eat less meat, eat more plants. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Mark Bittman takes the approach of: eat as much fruit, veggies and grains that you need between dawn until dusk, and then after dusk, eat what you want in terms of dairy, meat, lousy carbs, etc. (I’m paraphrasing here. Plus, I don’t think he means you can eat a bag of cookies once the sun goes down, the thought of which initially excited me).  Beyond the health reasons, eating fewer animal products is also good for the environment, and Mark discusses how modern manufacturing processes are killing our planet. It’s really interesting to read without any of the over-the-top scare tactics that you’d find in Skinny Bitch (while interesting and eye-opening, at the time I read it, the meal plan was a bit too stringent for me).

One other point that the book brings up that I’ve been struggling with lately: Is it better to eat all organic or eat locally? His response: Eat what looks best and freshest in the market that day. Genius!!! Yes, I’ll still try and buy mostly organic, but the other day I was faced with a dilemma in the market. Do I buy the Organic apples that are from New Zealand (shipped thousands of miles and picked who knows how many days ago), or do I buy the fresher non-organic apples picked from a local orchard just miles away? I couldn’t decide which, so I didn’t buy any at the time. I think I’m okay with what to do now. Do you buy all organic no matter what or do you choose local non-organic if it’s available?

I like Mark’s concept, and it seems to work with my style of eating. I don’t need to eat meat every day, but if I want to, I have the option without feeling guilty. And if I slip up, not a big deal because it’s part of the plan. I feel good eating my veggies and grains all day long, and if meat is on the menu at dinner time, having a small piece will work just fine.

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