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Food guide and diet tips for diabetes people

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm
This is a very useful and must know post for people having diabetes and this is about diet tips and regarding foods to be taken and avoided by diabetics.

First let’s see the recommended foods for diabetes people:
1)     Chickpeas, beans and lentils contain good amount of soluble fiber and they slowly raise the blood sugar levels. They are also good source for proteins and carbohydrates.

2)     Sweet potatoes, rye bread and pasta are good source for carbohydrates as they slowly and steadily release the energy.

3)     The insulin action is enhanced by the intake of chromium and zinc. So the foods rich in these two elements are: brown rice, whole meal pasta, whole grain bread and breakfast.

4)     Skimmed milk and low fat yogurt are low in saturated fats and they are also good in calcium, proteins and carbohydrates.

5)    Poultry meat without skin, lean red meat, tofu and fish are good sources of protein with less fat content. Maintaining less fat in diet leads to low weight gain and also risk of rise in blood cholesterol is reduced.

6)    Pilchards, sardines, mackerel and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are good for heart. They reduce the risk of heart problems.

7)     Seeds of pumpkin, hemp, and flax are also good in omega 3 fatty acids. We can sprinkle these seeds on breakfast deserts and cereals.

8)     Vegetables and fruits are very good which contain high potassium content, without which glucose intolerance occurs.  Garlic, celery, cucumber, string beans and onion are very good. 

9)     Beverages: avoid coffee, caffeine containing beverages and wine. Drink more water which is very good for health and you can take herbal teas and herbal coffee substitutes. 

10)       Oats are very useful and they contain soluble fiber, which helps in slowing the rate at which sugar (glucose) is absorbed into blood stream and also helps in reducing blood cholesterol.

Now we shall know the foods that are to be avoided:

1) Junk foods must be avoided. Burgers, sausages and meat pies also to be stopped taking.

2)   Butter, cheese and fatty meat products and fatty dairy products are also to be avoided as they contain good amount of saturated foods which leads to rise in blood cholesterol level. Eat less fried foods.

3)   Foods rich in sugar and sweet should be avoided. Remember this is not for those persons (who are type 1 diabetic) and needed a fast releasing sugar to restore blood glucose when there is sudden fall in glucose levels. 

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