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Food For Thought: Processed vs. Homemade Foods

Posted Jul 20 2012 10:55am

Instinctively, I think we all know that homemade foods are healthier for us than their processed counterparts.

[ source ]

Processed foods are created to last for many months on a store shelf, while most homemade foods would rot if left on the counter for more than a week. And with all of the preservatives, dyes and chemical additives often included in processed products, who knows if we can even digest them properly in the first place!

Of course, exactly how a processed food digests versus how a homemade food digests in the human body is all just speculation… until a scientific study actually proves it.

And luckily for us, TEDxManhattan 2011 fellow Stefanie Bardin’s video has done just that.

Note: This video is a little graphic–> not recommended viewing during your lunch break!

(click on the video above to watch)

Not surprisingly, the processed Top Ramen Noodles were still in recognizable noodle-form after 2+ hours of digestion, which the researcher jokingly points out is probably due to the fact that “Top Ramen was made to survive Armageddon,” while the homemade ramen noodles, which digested more quickly, were “made to be eaten.”

Particularly memorable for me? How the intestinal tract was tinted greenish-blue from the blue Gatorade!! (As the researcher points out, the blue dye is derived from petroleum… eek.)

Kinda makes you want to reach for some all-natural coconut water for workout fuel instead, doesn’t it?

: Does this video change your view on eating processed foods? Are you surprised that there’s a difference between the homemade and processed noodles?

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