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Food For Thought: Changes in GMO Labeling

Posted Aug 17 2012 8:00am

Just as NYC’s ban of trans fats in 2006 started a trend that reduced trans fat consumption around the nation, a new bill in California is poised to have a similar impact.

Proposition 37, a citizen’s initiative on the ballot on November 6 in California, would mandate clear labeling of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients on food packages. While there is still much debate over the effect of genetically-modified foods on our health and environment, I think most of us can agree that full-disclosure on food labels is a good thing.

I’m actually shocked that this sort of labeling wasn’t required in the first place.

Not surprisingly, certain companies aren’t too thrilled with the idea of labeling their products containing genetically engineered ingredients. Many of them have actually been hiding behind the “natural” label for years!

“Just as we’ve observed in Europe, where labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is mandatory, we fully expect that when given a choice, consumers will choose organic or non-GMO products,” said Mark A. Kastel, Codirector of Wisconsin-based Cornucopia. “And the industrial food lobby is fully cognizant of thisthat’s why they’re fighting like hell against this grassroots effort.” [ source ]

Below, you’ll find a chart showing a number of companies who have given their dollars, either in support or against this particular proposition.

[ source -- click on the image above to enlarge]

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than happy to support the companies who are in favor of this change–> the fact that they’re willing to disclose their ingredients is usually a good sign, if you ask me. On the other hand, I’m disappointed by brands, especially the ones who’ve been hiding behind the “natural” label, that are donating money against this type of honest labeling.

Another good reason to vote with your dollars! Not to mention voting on November 6th, if you happen to live in the state of California.

: Have you heard of Proposition 37? Are you surprised by the companies that are against this type of labeling? Does it affect your opinion of them?

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