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Food, Food, and More Clean Eats!

Posted Dec 02 2012 5:22pm

Happy Football Sunday!

Hope your day is great :)

In the last post I mentioned the dry brine that we used from Williams-Sonoma for Thanksgiving.  I love this brine, so I roasted a 5lb chicken with it the other day.

Chicken before cooking

It already looked great, but it even looked better after some slow roasting.

Chicken after slow roasting

It was wonderful tasting, and not dry at all.  The brine really helps with that, especially during roasting.

Dry brine. The way to go!

I also wanted to show you the brine.

A quality addition to your spice cabinet.

Anyway. ;) Moving on…

I know I also mentioned our marinade business, Bare Bones Marinade.  I just wanted to show you all that even though you can use it on every type of meat or fish, there are also other foods that it tastes really, really great on.

Firstly: the baked potato.  Baked potatoes are very bland, in my personal opinion.  Unless you load them up with things that aren’t especially great for you, such as butter, cheese, and sour cream.  (Everything in moderation!)  However,  I learned that Bare Bones Marinade tastes great on a baked potato the other night.  It adds a ton of flavor without the added calories and fat.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s clean eating as well?  There are not any preservatives or junk in our marinade.  It’s that simple.

Baked potato. Not bland anymore.

The other foods that Bare Bones is great on is vegetables.  (Which can be bland also without the add-ons mentioned above.)

Broccoli. With flavor!

I wouldn’t go into business with something that wasn’t as versatile or didn’t taste good. I am a foodie, after all! ;)

The other night we cooked up some roast beef from Buffalo, NY.  We lived in Buffalo, NY for many years before we were married.  We really miss the food, so every once in a while for a surprise for my husband I place an order from . You can click the link to see the website.  Buffalo is a junk food mecca.  Pizza and wings…OMG.  Definitely the best ever.

We ordered some cooked roast beef which is made by Redlinski.  Warmed it up in the frying pan, put it on a bun with some horseradish, and it was so good.  Buffalo Foods also carries our marinade in their store if you’re local to them.

We marinaded some baby back ribs in Bare Bones the other day, but unfortunately due to a grill mishap there aren’t any “after” pictures for you to see.

I haven’t been posting on workouts, because I haven’t been doing any.  Like anyone, (even with my being a certified personal trainer, I have motivational issues just like everyone else.  I don’t know if you remember, but I was actually working for a while and then took a break.  I was exhausted.  Personal trainers are not just great at motivating for others with their workouts, but I was so thorough that each of my clients (I had 35) had routines that I wrote out for them every week, phone consultations, and food/cooking consultations.  So I took a break after I left the 2 gyms I was working at.

It’s time to get back into it.  I am really good at monitoring my own weight, even around the holidays, but the thing that I miss the most is the muscle definition.  It goes away  quickly, but, fortunately, comes back just as fast due to muscle memory.

I’m about to get my new blog up and running.  It’s name is Fit and Stronger, and will be devoted entirely to personal training.  It will actually coincide with a new business that I am starting in January…boot camps!  I’m really excited about this,  because I really, really, really miss personal training.  I will let you all know when the blog and boot camps start.

Hope your Sunday is as great as mine.  Happy early Monday, lol ;)


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