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Food, Food and more Food

Posted Jul 20 2010 12:00am

Did you know that the average cruiser can consume 7,000 calories a day? Well that’s what more than one cruise ship staffer told us. Yup a gain of 7-12 lbs. is possible.  Now you know why Frank and I kept up with our gym schedule :) .  Well, we certainly kept up with our eating schedule as well.  I definitely consumed double my normal intake, although I am not sure I hit 7K!  But I fit into the same pants I wore on the plane ride to miami as I did on the way back to NYC, so not too much damage was done ;) .

Here’s a look, some healthy, some not so much!

The Good:

Oasis of the Seas has many healthy options.  The Solarium, which is complimentary for lunch and dinner has an abundance of healthy options all under 500 calories.  The main dining rooms also denote the vitality recommended dishes with the vitality symbol on the menu. In addition, every evening they offer a three course menu option under 800 calories, not including bread or wine of course.

Salad, soups, fruits and vegetables were available in spades.

Despite serving 6000 people at once, I found the chefs happy to accommodate my sans dressing requests. Each night featured a cold fruit soup and several salads and vegetarian options, plus simple grilled fish options abounded. Portions were not small, but not huge, since you could order 3 apps, 3 entrees, and 5 desserts if you so desired (sometimes we did).

So on with the show:

Let’s start in SoBe, I ordered a lovely black bean hummus sandwich at Books and Books Cafe cruise 244

cruise 246  


On the boat our first meal was lunch at the Solarium bistro

Lots of salads

cruise 363   cruise 365 cruise 368 cruise 369 cruise 370

My plate

cruise 371

The boy’s

cruise 372

An afternoon snack

cruise 443

Breakfast at the Solarium

cruise 519 cruise 520 cruise 521   cruise 513  

Oatmeal bar

cruise 515 cruise 514   cruise 516

Sweet endings….

cruise 518

One morning pre-very early spin class, Frank ordered breakfast in bread (free!)  I saved mine for later, but here’s the entire tray!  Minus coffee.

cruise 559

cruise 562

cruise 561

cruise 564

The lunch in Labadee didn’t have many veggie options, but I made do just fine

cruise2 057

The less virtuous!

I didn’t take too many shots of dinner, since it was a formal dining room, but I often could resist capturing dessert, here is a sample of our ridiculous nightly spreads. We always ordered between 3 and 5 to share, we never finished anything, but boy if we didn’t do our darndest.

cruise 461  

cruise 459 cruise 463 cruise 462 cruise 458

    cruise 467 IMG_1974 IMG_1975

IMG_1976 IMG_2105



Speaking of dessert, this was a daily staple

cruise 352 cruise 353

One night we decided to have a little romantic night of our own, and made a reservation at Chops Grille.  This cost $25 a person, but was so unbelievably worth it in every way.  

Chops is one of the many restaurants in Central Park.  The deal is you can order as many apps., sides, and desserts as you want, as well as one entree. The portions were much bigger than the ones in the Opus Dining Room.

We picked a lovely night for the Park.  It’s lighting is so romantical.  From Day 1 on the ship, people asked if we were on our honeymoon.  Frank’s response started out as a resounding NOOOOOOOOOOO!  By the end, he was worn down and practically affirming the accusation.  hehehehe! lol. Kisses!

cruise 425

cruise 482 cruise 423

At any rate, onto the food: IMG_1893 IMG_1894


Eggplant and thai steak salad


Shrimp cocktail


Lobster cappricio


Blue cheese tomato salad


House salad


The main

I got alaskan halibut in cedar

IMG_1905 IMG_1906


Frank got the filet IMG_1908

Sauce options IMG_1910

Sides were broccoli rabe, succotash, and whipped potatoes IMG_1912 IMG_1909 IMG_1911

We barely made a dent in our dishes, but had to order dessert anyways IMG_1914


IMG_1918 IMG_1920

We left to very full, happy campers.

In mexico we sampled the local cuisine

IMG_1948 IMG_1947

And Cozumel IMG_2042

In addition to eating, I definitely drank more than I ever have in a week, well since college anyways.  People were always offering drinks on the pool deck, during the shows, and at the casino. I am not a huge fan of drinking, but it was hard to bow out gracefully.  Plus, there were cool themed bars everywhere we turned on the Oasis.  In fact there were 37 bars onboard!

Here are a few of the ones we tried:

  • Blaze (which reminds me of fangtasia)
  • Pool Bar
  • Sky Bar
  • Vintages

So predinner drinks, wine with dinner, and posts-dinner drinks it was.


There was a great wine bar called vintages that let you create your own wine flight of 3, 2oz pours

cruise 418 cruise 419

  cruise 422

Wine trees!



While I am not one for frozen drinks, I did steal the umbrella a time or two!

  IMG_1958   IMG_1959

Oh, well, who needs sobriety anyways? Jk.  I am happy to have a little break from booze for as long as I can make it last. :)

Plus, every once in a while you need a Labadoozzle in Labadee! cruise2 053

I am sad the honeymoon is over, but excited to enjoy summer in the city.  I think we might check out Speakeasy Night at the Museum of the City of NY on Wednesday and Shakesphere in the Park Friday .  It also happens to be restaurant week, so that might happen too!

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