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Food Drive Day 1 & Baby Bananas..?

Posted Nov 02 2012 8:20pm
Good afternoon Beautiful,

Well, thank god it’s Friday. Today was so insane at work today that it flew by really fast. I got to work a lot earlier than normal today, around 8am so I had time to get the fun box ready for the food drive I’m organizing at work. I bought some stuff last night to kind of get the balls rolling with people bringing in foods! I didn’t want the boxes to be empty (there’s a fun Christmas box at the front desk for all of the members to see, and a non-decorated box in our office for the office go-ers to put their food in so we can pack it up as they get full) so that people could see what the purpose of the box is. I gave the front desk staff a list of foods that the food banks need most which was provided to be from the food bank that I registered our food drive with! I learned today that 32% of people who use the food bank are children – isn’t that so upsetting? That’s part of the reason why I wanted to do this food drive… To help people in need! It’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of creative thinking about how to convince people to keep bringing in food, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! Next week the GoodLife Corporate Wellness staff are going up against the GoodLife Parkview Club staff in a competition to see who brings in the most pieces of food. I’m going to bake some cupcakes for the winner! I hope that helps…
Today I was surprisingly sore from my workout yesterday. I must have killed it when I worked out last. Unfortunately because work was so busy and I was so sore, I opted out of a workout today… I wish I had worked out. I always feel so much better about my weekend when I’ve worked out on Friday and really earned my weekend, you know? My abs are the most sore. I really don’t do enough core training because, well… I hate it. But I’m learning to incorporate it more and more into my workouts which is always a good thing. What’s your favourite core exercise? I’d love to try some new ones – so please share! Tomorrow I will be killing it in the gym again before I head to the spa for an Anti-Stress Facial that I got given for my birthday! Ahhhhhhh…. I’m so excited for this anti-stress part of it……… I will let you know how it goes.
So anyways, I figured I need to work on my workout for tomorrow now so that I’m prepared and I know what I’m going to do… I’m thinking about doing total lower body destruction, which for those of you who don’t know equals sprints, walking lunges, squats, jumping squats, static lunges with dumbbells. That I can promise you will happen. How many of each and in what order? Not totally sure yet, but tomorrow I will totally dominate and then tell you about it.
Last night I was doing some school work, and I learned some more fun stuff! The chapter I’m working on right now is basically everything about water. Did you know that there is no place on Earth where you can find 100% naturally made pure water? I had never thought about it before, but it’s totally true. Water in lakes has fish and sand and algae and stuff in it. Same with ocean’s and rivers… I also learned that a fetus that is 32 weeks is over 80% water. It consumes about 1 cup of water per day for every kilogram of body weight, which if you were to convert it to adult terms, would be about 5 gallons of water per day for an adult. Isn’t that INSANE? Could you imagine drinking 5 gallons of water per day? Jeez… I’d need to spend the day on the toilet peeing! I’m barely into my studies at all and every time I do more reading, I learn something new! I guess that’s the point of going to school, but I really didn’t think I’d have already learned so much and I’m literally like 10 pages into my textbook of 1000.This weekend I’m also going to find a new recipe to try. I still have the fresh cranberries and the canned pumpkin. My friend Gillian posted a couple of recipes to my Facebook page using pumpkin. One is for pumpkin smoothies and one was for gluten/sugar free pumpkin cupcakes. The pumpkin shake includes ice, frozen banana, pumpkin, vanilla protein, almond butter, almond milk and cinnamon. Sounds amazing right? It might be great for my post lower body domination workout! The pumpkin cupcakes include… well… I can’t find the recipe right now, but the icing is made from pumpkin and dates! So cool! Another friend recommend I try and come up with some recipe for a bar type food that includes both pumpkin and cranberries. I think it'd be like Thanksgiving in a dish. I might try and experiment... we'll see how it goes! These are Gillians Pumpkin cupcakes!
I haven't posted many recipes this week because I've been too busy eating up the leftovers in my fridge! It doesn't make for a good read when it comes to blogging about food, but I do love eating leftovers, especially when they're healthy leftovers! I've been eating the bok choy and beef dish I made, some left over chicken breast, avocados because they were on sale at the grocery store, and friggen BABY BANANAS. Did you know these even existed? I bought them assuming they weren't actually just baby bananas, with the understanding that this crazy exotic fruit might just end up in the garbage. Well guys, they literally are just baby bananas. They taste like a banana, only.. baby. Aren't they so cute?
So I know that the month of November is a pretty bland month. Not much happens in November that’s super exciting and fun. We have Remembrance Day which is very important and often overlooked, however it’s not a fun holiday. It’s not even a holiday, but it is a very important day, the point is it’s sad, and I’m not sure I know anyone that gets really excited for Remembrance Day. With that being said, Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress and I have some fun things planned for the very near future! All I can say right now is that you better get finding your competitive spirit because we’re going to be doing some challenges and giving away some amazing things and you’re going to be so excited!  So you better stay tuned for that! I also have a really fun giveaway coming up, maybe next week. It’s super cool and I wish I could keep it… but I’m not going to, I’m going to give it away to someone really special! It’s something that I’m using a lot of this year, and will probably continue to use always because I love it so much. That’s all I have for you now – I hope you’re going to have a wonderful Friday night and an even better weekend. I’ll be updating tomorrow so I’ll talk to you then!Stay sweet.
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