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Food Cravings 101 – The 4 Most Addictive Ingredients, How They Contribute to a Viscous Cycle and Successful Strategies for

Posted Aug 29 2012 12:00am

Untitled Food cravings and dare I say, “food addiction,” are  MUCH more common than most people realize.

Food addiction is characterized by an obsessive compulsive relationship to food, very much like someone addicted to alcohol or drugs, for example, has an obsessive compulsive relationship with their substance of choice.

There are plenty of people who might not be a full out food “addict,” but who demonstrate addictive tendencies when consuming addictive ingredients.

For instance, someone might be able to control themselves around nuts, but a chocolate craving could trigger a full out binge or vice versa.

Although this isn’t a complete obsession, it is a form of food addiction that, when left unchecked, can potentially spin out of control.

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