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Food budget dinner #1!

Posted Jul 02 2012 7:28pm

Sunday = grocery shopping day

This whole weekend Nathan and I have been discussing about ways to save more money.  Our food bill was a big topic, and we’ve decided to restrict ourselves to a “budget” when it comes to food. Nathan and I both agreed that we don’t think we’re as bad as we think we are with our food budget, BUT he said that we could make it better. 

Yes, usually we’ll do grocery shopping on Sundays, but I do run to the store in the middle of the week to get certain odds and ends, or last minute dinner ingredients. We don’t really know how much we spend on food a week, or a month for that matter.  So we’re going to call this week EXPERIMENTAL WEEK!  <insert music here…chimes would be cool>

At Stop&Shop Sunday we spent $50.00 on food and toothpaste.  So far, so good.

Sunday night’s dinner consisted of some things we bought that day, and some things we had. This was a big deal! Dinner at home on a Sunday night! Ever since I moved in, we’ve designated Sunday nights as D5 night (chinese - yum!!) or take out, if it isn’t his families 2nd Sunday dinner night.  Now, of course I’m not complaining. Nothing is wrong with take out.  It’s easier. It’s convenient. There’s a variety.  Being busy with the brewery, and just being busy in general, we probably do take out twice a week?   This isn’t bad, BUT we’re trying to change it.

Sunday Night’s Dinner: Tomato and Cheese Turkey Burgers with a side of cooked carrots.


The prices are based on the ammounts that I used:

  • Turkey Burgers —————————— 12pack for $6.00 = $0.50/piece =  $2.00
  • Lettuce——————————————————————————————————- $2.00
  • Carrots = HUGE BAG(had these so i’m not sure what the price was) - used about two cups for this meal ——————————————————————-$0.50
  • Tomato —————————————————————————————————-  $0.50
  • Cheese——————————————————————————————————-$0.10

I cooked the turkey burgers on the stove, and boiled the carrots.  Nathan had a salad as well (not pictured). 

The two burgers were enough for me. I wish we grilled them, but we only have a little habachi, and no coal.  Next time I’ll probably make more carrots. They were a hit! Especially with the guy who said he didn’t want any… haha ;)

So, a great easy, healthy meal for $5.10!  AND because we bought a big box of turkey burgers, and a big bag of carrots, so we can use them again!


What’s your food budget like?

What do you do with turkey burgers?

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