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Food Blog Friday: Carrot Cake Oats

Posted Jan 07 2011 6:00am

Taking a hint from Pinch My Salt I’ve decided to start doing Food Blog Friday posts. I’ll be making and reviewing recipes that I’ve found on food blogs! Sounds pretty sweet, no? I don’t know about you, but my Google Reader is stuffed with blog posts that I’ve starred because they have scrumptious looking recipes in them. Always scrumptious looking, but scrumptious tasting? I’ll find that out in the Bikini Birthday test kitchen! It will be like the blog version of Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag (I love that show!) except I might add in my own ingredients or substitutions here and there rather than following the recipe to a T.

I’ll rank each recipe on a scale of 0-3 spoons

0 spoons – That was fucking horrendous
1 spoon    - I doubt I’ll be making that again
2 spoons – I’ll probably make that again with some tweaks
3 spoons – That was perfect.

I’m starting off my first Food Blog Friday post with a food blogger standard: oatmeal!

On my day off on Monday I finally got around to making that Carrot Cake Oatmeal I’ve been eyeing on Oh She Glows. My usual bowl of oatmeal takes about 1.5 minutes to construct so I wanted a day where I would have a little extra time to make breakfast.

I like carrot cake and I like oatmeal so this sounded like a win-win.


As a note I used Scottish Oats instead of `regular oats` (which I suspect means rolled oats).

Conceptually, the dish is pretty awesome but I found it really bland when I followed the exact measurements given. I ended up doubling all the spices and the vanilla extract. I also added some candied ginger slices to the garnish which actually tasted pretty damn awesome.


I didn’t really see the point of the coconut cream and maple syrup drizzle. I found the oatmeal to be sweet enough as it was and the drizzle ended up melting into the oats before I could get a picture. I only used about a quarter of the drizzle.


As a heads up, this recipe makes A LOT of oatmeal. Definitely enough to share with one or even two other people. Half the recipe if you are on your own because if you’re like me then you are probably not a fan of leftover oatmeal either.

All in all I really liked this recipe and will probably make it again with extra spice and candied ginger and without the drizzle.

So I give this recipe. . .

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