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food coma

Posted Feb 20 2010 12:00am

Now I am officially in a food coma. I honestly won’t need dinner. If I do need it, it will be purely fruit or vegetable. I am SO satisfied and full (but not bursting!)

Let us recap…. We made paella! My Aunt Josette explained while I was her sous chef and demonstrated. Mona, Jeff, and Jeremy observed. Here I am knifing Jeremy while he un-bearded mussels and talked on his phone.

No phones in the kitchen!

And then I found the Ratatouille hat from their trip to EuroDisney…

Take heed: Meredith is in the kitchen.

And here is the final product of our lovely paella (which was, as always, fabulous).

Amazing. This pan is about a 17'' pan, for your reference.

I had a small portion with a few slices of chorizo, a chicken leg, a couple shrimp, and a couple mussels. I did not go back for seconds, though I desperately wanted to. But there were SO many other good things on the menu I had to stop myself. And I love leftovers of this :)

My portion and a slice of baguette.

Then we moved on to the salad course which I forgot to take a picture of. But it was a simple salad of mixed greens, fennel, gorgonzola, dried fig, and homemade vinaigrette. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. And then the cheese course!

I had a taste of each type and a tiny piece of baguette.

And then our dessert of baked fruit and ice cream…. Amazeballs.

1 scoop vanilla ice cream and simple baked fruit

The baked fruit was amazingly simple and was just some dried figs and dried apricots thrown into a pan with cans of peaches and cherries. The canned juices were saved and mixed with a little a sugar and baked in the oven. Try this! A simple, healthier alternative to a dessert (that is until you add the full fat ice cream on top!!). Quite tasty.

Off to digest my food and enter a deeper food coma. Night!

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