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Follicleanse Shampoo and Bioten Vitamins Review

Posted Jan 25 2013 12:20pm
Faber Products LLC sent me some products to try and review on the blog!

Follicleanse shampoo and Bioten Vitamins
Here's some info:
Our best clarifying shampoo has quickly become our top selling shampoo for anybody that wants healthier hair and no itch. The best shampoo for oily hair, anti-dandruff, clarifying and for regulating sebaceous gland secretions.  Rich in Zinc PCA and botanical extracts to heal and repair inflammation and irritation and reduce oil production! A clean scalp and hair growth go hand in hand.
  • Deep cleans dirt, oil and product build-up
  • Reduces oil production from sebaceous glands
  • Infuses vitamins and botanicals to heal and revitalize
  • Increase blood flow to the scalp
  • Helps stop DHT accumulation
  • Paraben Free, Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Follicleanse® shampoo is excellent for gently cleansing the root of the hair. Sebum and cholesterol can combine to become very hard in the hair follicle. As this plug stays in the follicle it breed bacteria and prevents oxygen from reaching the root of the hair as well as the blood supply that bring vital nutrients. This often results in flaky, itchy scalp or scalp psoriasis, and dandruff.  Paraben Free!

Bioten® Biotin vitamins are enriched with 10 natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals for hair growth - giving you a complete compliment of vital B-complex supplements to encourage and promote faster growing hair while improving keratin protein building for added strength, shine and length.biotin vitamin
Biotin has been shown essential at helping build, repair and accelerate protein bonds and produce healthy Keratin.  Keratin is an essential building block of the follicle cortex (shaft) and biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, thinning, and chronic breaking and dryness.
  • Improves and promotes faster hair growth
  • Increases strength, pliability and flexibility
  • Enhances shine and smoothness
  • Great for nails and skin too!
Biotin (vitamin B7) has many other benefits including improving nail and skin health.  Similar to hair, nails are primarily keratin and biotin is key to healthy development of those cellular bonds...the result?  Healthier nails, less brittleness and improved strength and growth rate of fingernails, muscles, tissues and bones.  Additionally, research has shown a diet balanced with biotin improves metabolism resulting in weight loss as calories are burned at a faster rate.
Essential daily supplement for stronger hair and faster hair growth!
My Review: 9/10! The shampoo really made my hair nice and shiny. The vitamins made my hair feel stronger and my fingernails don't chip as easily as they normally do! WIN WIN! Please visit their website here.
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