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Foam Rolling

Posted Dec 30 2010 9:59pm

13 Aug

After years of abuse rigorous exercise I’ve developed all kinds of funny never-been-there-before aches and pains. My ankles hurt. My left butt cheek is sore. My hamstrings are tight. Those are just a few.

I’m naturally very flexible. Somewhere, sometime in this funny mind of mine I made up that I don’t need to stretch that much because I’m already flexible. That was a horrible idea. My muscles are very tight from all these years of not stretching properly.

One of the few things that relieves my aches and pains is rolling on a foam roller.

Foam Roller

Foam Roller

For those of you who have never heard of a foam roller or don’t know what it’s for you can read about it in detail on, I like their explanation.

A foam roller is a giant foam tube. They come in different shapes and sizes, but the most common are about 4 ft long. Some of the benefits of foam rolling are relief in muscle tightness, soreness, pain and increased range of motion.

I don’t always roll, but when I do it helps warm up my muscles before any workout. I have started to do a small routine and that helps warm up my muscles before stretching. So far I haven’t been very consistent in rolling and stretching everyday. I am definitely going to include stretching and rolling into my daily habits for my next challenge.

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