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Flexing My Meditation Muscle

Posted Mar 18 2011 2:59pm

Happy Friday!!! Do you all have any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’ve got BIG plans–> I’m planning on sitting down, and flexing my meditation muscle. ;) Of all the challenges in the CSD cleanse, meditation is definitely the part I struggle with the most. I’ve got a multi-tasking, Type-A personality, and sitting still for longer than a minute, without doing something else productive, is just foreign to me. How can people just sit and do NOTHING?!

But, like all things, I think meditation just takes practice.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do tonight. I’m going to sit, and let my thoughts do their thing. I’m not promising it’ll last long, but it’s a start! And because I know I’ll need some motivation to sit and do nothing, I’ve gathered some goodies to help:

A lovely-smelling candle (a gift from a friend), and my new essential oil! In her book , Kris Carr recommended this brand as a good source of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Since this was my first exploration into using essential oils, I opted for a pre-made “blend,” rather than picking just one. The Female Harmony blend is suggested to ease anxiety, soothe nervous tension, and help with PMS! All good things. :D

Have you ever meditated? Do you use anything to help you? I’ve looked into some guided meditation CD’s and podcasts, but I think I’m going to try doing it on my own first, and see what comes up in my brain.

In fact, I should probably just take some notes from Yasha:

She’s a PRO at doing nothing. ;) (always with a toy next to her cheek, though!)

In other news, my food has been really boring lately. (hence, why there aren’t as many food pics this week)

As you all know, I tend to get into food ruts (or “food grooves,” as Averie likes to call them– love that! ;) ) every now and then, especially when I find a new recipe I love , or when I’m trying something new– like this CSD vegan cleanse . When I step out of my [goat cheese] comfort zone, I tend to stick with what I know, because I’m scared of trying a new recipe, then being stuck with an un-satisfying meal if it doesn’t turn out! But I need to get over this fear, because if worse comes to worse, I can always just make something else. No biggie!

So, in addition to meditating, I plan on getting my creative juices flowing in the kitchen this weekend! I’ve already got a few ideas swirling around my head, but let me know if you guys are craving any dishes in particular that you’d like to see vegan-ized.

I’d really love to find a fun way to use my new sprouts!

The way these puppies are growing, they should be ready to use soon! I even forgot to rinse them last night, and they’re still doing fine. Thank goodness I got a fool-proof system , because I truly do feel like a sprouting fool!

Okay, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so I better get going! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I’ll be back with a vegan-ized recipe, or two, later! :D

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