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Flash back : Balance and Goals

Posted Nov 27 2012 10:39pm

Today I was thinking about my newly forming life. I have so many more goals, responsibilities, projects, and jobs now. My roommate asked have you had time for you? Hmmm…

Luckily, I feel so happy and positive with my new gigs that I feel like I am doing me and taking care of myself.

Nothing bad about being up at the bakery at 5am when the city is still quiet, listening to Christmas pandora, and baking pumpkin loaves to share with our happy coffee drinkers at Pushcart…

IMG 3355

But he did get me thinking. What are my personal goals again? I used to create goals every month on Freckles & Spice. While I’ve still be thinking about them it is easy to let them slide if you do not officially declare them or document them somewhere. 

A goal I want to maintain for some me time is to every day do some sort of mediation. Loving kindness mediation specifically is the first that I dived into during hurriance sandy. I made it with my first goal to do it for a week consecutively. When bb was not poking at me during it, I felt really great afterwards – light and refreshed.

Then, with all my life changes I sort of stopped.

I want to make this goal a reality. This involves evaluating my new 3 job work schedule, meal planning, relationship building, daily chores, holiday craziness, freelance writing. This is going to require some serious balance to make sure I get in my daily me time – mediation and yoga. 

Today – I went back to the old days a planner and started writing everything down on each day in a list – jobs, commuting, to do, cooking schedule, articles topics to write – - oops, all the slots are filled – day is over. Nope not enough hours for me time. Hmmm again…

Have you ever gone back a red through old college, or even high school, essays and exams and thought – “Did I really write this? Damn I was smart”

Well today’s post is a flash back. I am sharing a post from August 2011. 

The Key to Balance is Flexibility  

I talked about going back to school in 2012…wow my life was in such a different place then. But all the points I made still resonate somehow and have helped me now to try and make a flexible plan rather than a hard and fast one. I know this will allow me manage me time and any stress that may arise better. 

This line from the end of that post is what really made me go “hmmmm…I am smart, capable, and can do this!”

The great thing about finding balance is that it is always changing every day and allows you to grow and change with it. As your goals change or your life changes, so does how you find balance.

Change is good, growth is good – balancing it all is great!

Any tips on how you’ve found balance recently?

Tomorrow I have another recipe in store! I’m still enjoying yesterday’s soup


IMG 3361

I balanced training videos from lulu with cooking something yummy for dinner for 2, including some left over to back for lunch tomorrow (another goal I share with my elf for health )! I’m on a roll….

And now I am off to do me – some mediation, some chrismtas movies, a little ice cream perhaps. Possibilities are endless. 

In happiness and health,



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