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Five Ways to Burn More Calories in Your Day to Day Life

Posted Mar 22 2011 6:12pm
1. Sleep more
It's a commonly known fact that sleep is great for your body, but what you might not have known is that our bodies are great at burning off calories while we dream, at least more so than when we're sitting around at our desks until the early morning. Sleep more, 

2. Carry a Heavier Bag
One of the simplest ways to burn off more calories while we walk around town or to and from work is to carry a weighted bag, by adding extra weight to your bag (for example a small brick) your body will be forced to work harder, burning off more calories.

3. Use Your Lunch Break Productively
If you work a 9-5 job, and you have a lunch break, don't spend it at the water cooler or being unproductive - get out to a gym or go for a run! Not only will you come back feeling energised and more productive but you'll burn off more calories and keep your self fit. An hour a day on an exercise ball for five days a week is more than enough to keep in great shape providing your diet is also good.

4. Stop Driving
Driving is not good for us, it costs a heap of money and does our fitness no good at all - you'll breathe in exhaust fumes, whilst barely moving a muscle. If you don't commute miles away then replace your car with a bike or use public transport and walk part of the journey, your body will thank you.

5. Prepare Lunch On Days Out
When you go for a day out, whether it's to meet a client or a friend, or even just to see a new city the chances are you'll use the opportunity to eat out or get a takeaway out of convenience. This habit will only hinder your personal health. By recognising patterns in your diet like this you can eliminate them by preparing healthy meals ahead of time.
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