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Five Tips to Keep Your Health Motivation High!

Posted Jan 31 2012 2:10am
I met Cathy last year in my New Years Resolution workshop that I host at the Mindful Body .

I believe Cathy had been ready to make Cathy-&-Carthese changes for a long time, but she needed some words of inspiration to help her make the first step.  She came to me asking for support and we created a plan around exercise, nutrition, cooking, and even a little bit of mindfulness.

Cathy is a testament to what choosing health can do for your life. I am honored and feel much gratitude for being able to share this experience with Cathy.  I thank her for her generosity to share her story.

I think the 3 main ingredients to Cathy’s success were her positivity, consistency, and effort.

Cathy’s Milestones:

January 1: I weigh 207 pounds.

February 15th: Lost 10 pounds.

March 2nd: Lost 15 pounds.

April 13th: I’m in size 10 blue jeans!

April 16th: Lost 24 pounds!

May 6th: My breathing is so much improved-thanks to my weight loss-that I’ve been switched to a lesser asthma inhaler.

May 25th: Used the elliptical machine at the YMCA for the first time.

June 12th: I can swim for 50 minutes.

June 22nd: Lost 30 pounds.

July 5th: I weigh 175 pounds.

July 18th: A new high for me: 465 calories burned in 38 minutes!

August 10th: My percentage of body fat is down 17%, to 25.7%! The optimal range is 15-25%.

Cathy has lost 40lbs total and has an intention to lose 50lbs. She is now an avid road biker, exercise enthusiast, mindful and healthy eater, and has actually biked more than 100 miles in the month of January.

Cathy already started off interested in cooking and eating healthy, but really transformed her cooking and her lifestyle with her food choices.

Her husband wasn’t exercising, but actually lost weight just by eating what she was eating. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I always say you get fit in the gym, but you lose weight at the table.

Cathy feels the most helpful resources for cooking were:

• Martha Rose Shulman, who writes the Recipes for Health column in the New York Times.

I’ve liked practically every recipe of hers that I’ve tried. And the fact that they’re accompanied by nutritional info has been very helpful.

• I’ve liked a lot of recipes from Heidi Swanson’s blog, 101 Cookbooks, and her latest cookbook, Super Natural Cooking Every Day.

Cathy modified Swanson’s recipes to fit her tastes.

• I love Salad as a Meal, by longtime cookbook writer Patricia Wells.

I wanted to share this story with you to inspire you that if Cathy can do it, so CAN YOU! :)

Here are 5 Tips to Keep Your Health Motivation High!

1.  Stay Accountable

Accountability is an important self monitoring tool and can keep you accountable to the intentions that you set each week.

How do I stay accountable?

• Check in with a friend, coach, or family member every week.

• Write it down.  Put it on the calendar, use a food diary, etc.

2. Be Adventurous

Try new things!

• Learn a new exercise (rock climbing, swimming, road biking, etc.)

• Try new recipes

• Explore nature and be active

3.  Enlist Support

Its important to have support outside of ourselves.  Keep a cheerleading squad of support who knows you are on the path to health and can encourage you along the way.

Cathy created an entourage of support:

- Her daughters and husband

- Me, her coach

- Friends

- Extended Family

- Her road biking community

- Her hyperactive Jack Russel dog who helped Cathy get outside at least once a day.

4.  Keep Your Commitment

Its so easy to be distracted by what other people are doing or not doing, but that isn’t necessarily what is best for you.

Example: You are at a restaurant and everyone is ordering dessert, but you know you aren’t hungry.

What do you do? You keep your commitment to making healthy choices and pass on dessert, but get tea so you can join in.  Next time, when you have some room and really want dessert, you order it.

We all slip and in fact this is a normal part of change. When one slips, its important to be compassionate with ourself, see what might’ve caused you to slip, and then get back on your plan and the routine that has been working. It is as simple as that.

Long Term change looks like taking 2 steps forward, maybe one step back, but you are still 1 step ahead.

How does Cathy keep her commitment?

•Brings exercise clothes when she travels and aims to exercise 5-6 days a week.

•Eats healthy at restaurants and while visiting friends and family out of town

•Looks for new and healthy recipes that she shares with friends and family while in the Bay Area or even cooking these recipes if she is able to and out of town.

5.  Recognize Your Success!

This important step is often forgotten.

We can often have our to do list, check it off, and then start a new list the next day.

What is missing in this equation? We aren’t actually acknowledging the work that we are doing and giving ourselves a moment to soak in our efforts.  Its important to stop and say, “Hey, Good JOB Lady or Mister, that was hard work you just did.”

This week no matter what it is, how can you take in and acknowledge your beauty, hard work, and goodness?

If you can start these tips today, I know you can create the kinds of healthy changes you are seeking!

If you feel inspired by this story and/or want more support to create healthy changes in your life, coaching might be the answer.

What can I expect from Coaching?

• A integrative and tailored approach to your unique goals and lifestyle.

• Education, Support, and a Plan you can stick to.

• Weekly Encouragement and Accountability

Carley Specializes in the Following Areas:

• Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

• Nutritional Counseling

• Mind/Body Practices

• Exercise Prescription

• Couples Counseling

• Work Life Balance

• Meditation and Stress Reduction

Make your first step today and call Carley at 415-971-7556 for a FREE 20 minute Wellness Consultation!

Intuitive Wellness

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