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Five things to remember about Earth Day 2011

Posted Mar 18 2011 2:23pm
Earth Day

Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

While shopping in a health store the other day I heard someone talking about Earth Day 2011 and the fact that the theme this year is A Billion Acts of Green. Sounded interesting, so this is what I found out…

1. Recognizing that a billion small collective actions by individuals can significantly create change, the central theme of Earth Day 2011 is about encouraging pledges from individuals, organizations and corporate arenas to act – hence the name is A Billion Acts of Green. The first Earth Day ever was celebrated in 1970 and since then the Earth Day Network,

the driving force behind the whole concept, has been trying broaden the environmental movement and encourage participation by holding Earth Day on April 22 every year.

2. Interestingly, Earth Day is widely considered the largest civic observance in the world. Roughly one billion people participate in each year, with more than 190 countries and about 22 000 global partners helping to drive the initiative. The first Earth Day ever is credited as the launching pad from which the modern environmental movement sprang.  Some countries now celebrate entire Earth Weeks and the UN has officially declared April 22 as International Mother Earth Day.

3. The largest environmental campaign in the world, A Billion Acts of Green is hoping to have one billion actions registered before the 2012 global Earth Summit in Brazil. Earth Summit is an event that is attended by politicians, heads of state, officials and media from around the world and the core objective is to roll out plans in order to face global issues relating to food, the ecosystem and the climate, among others. The 2012 summit is the fourth one of its kind and in 2012 the key themes are said to surround the concepts of a green economy and global environmental governance. Progress from the last 20 years will also be reviewed.

4. About 40 million actions have been registered up to date. They don’t have to be huge acts. Pledging to plant a garden and promote the use of organic foods, or improving on the energy efficiency of your home are good places to start. Pledging to go veg and cut out the consumption of meat or to use alternative forms of transport from now on are some other actions you could take. The point is that individuals and companies get involved.

5. The Earth Day campaign pledges to support global reforestation – in 2010 there were about one million trees planted in countries around the world to support this initiative. Reforestation is a tool believed to be able to help with the global warming crises. Among other things, there is also an Arts for the Earth campaign, which is hoping to promote environmental education through the arts and to promote artists who incorporate environmental themes into their art.

Acting on initiatives like these are good for your mind and health. Products are becoming greener every day, the world is waking up and hopefully, a billion individual acts will have a positive impact on the planet!


Jason Acar is a Professional and experienced freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. He has shown a great interest in health products and how organic foods helps you to adapt a healthy lifestyle. As of late he shows a keen interest in eco-friendliness as well.

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