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Five Things Friday :)

Posted Aug 20 2010 3:00am


How is everyone on this beautiful Friday?? I am looking forward to an afternoon of lounging by the pool with some friends :-)

I NEED to get my tan on!!!

Before I do, Yoga Friday is happening in my living room, then Whole Paycheck for some lunch items, and of course…bringing you all the FF :D


1.  Staggered Push-Ups

2. Plie Squat Reach & Jump

3. Shadow Boxing

4. Side Bend with Leg Lift Curl

5. Triceps Dips

(advanced lift one leg)




1. Cryin, Aerosmith

–Because Alicia was, and always will be, my girl crush. In 7th Grade I had her outfit from that video –the Doc Martins to the Flannel Shirt :-)

2. Crazy, Aerosmith

–I wanted to LIVE that rebelous adventure once in my life that Alicia and Liv had together…HOW FUN did that look!!? Still a dream of mine…I out grew my Catholic School-girl days though… and marrying a Jewish guy lowers my chances of being let back in :/

3. Livin’ On The Edge

(What do you want, I was a 90′s gal, and they ROCKED’ the MTV awards)–I wanted to date Eddie Furlong (was saving marriage for Eddie Vedder), so being in that video would of upped my chances back then. My sister reminded me on my fb page of my crush, and a “where are they now” pic of EF…all I can say is…glad I he never fell for me.

4. Thriller

–HOW awesome would it of been to do that dance with MJ?

5. IF, Janet Jackson

I KNEW that dance by heart…. practiced day in and day out…twas’ the best days of my life ;-O



(yes my cat plays fetch!)

category picked by Michael :-)

Descending in order of importance to him….

#5. Silver Mouse

this was his “original” guy, brought him home the day we got him :-)

#4. Chicken

he loves his cow, fish, goat as well, but out of all the barn animals (yes, fish are farmed these days)–he loves chicken best I think. It makes a chicken noise, and sometimes he will bring it to us in the middle of the night, because he wants us to throw it…when he drops it on Michael’s head in the dark….hilarious!

#3. Kick-aroo

this is the CUTEST when he wrestles with it, then brings it to me, he looks like he’s walking with a stick up his you know what to play fetch with it.

oh, and Michael ALWAYS saves “to-go” boxes for him, because he looooves lying them–it drives me nuts b/c I hate trash, but it’s too cute to stop it.

#2. Rubberband

He is OBSESSED every time I bring home celery…I only give him the real thick ones that he can’t choke on. If #1 wasn’t around, this would be it. It was free too! Why do kids/ pets always love the free stuff best?

and the #1 favorite toy of Munchkin is…….

drum roll please!











#1. Leopard Guy!!!

this used to be a mouse, where you pulled the string out of it’s butt and it vibrated and moved. He loooved pulling the string himself, and eventually broke it..and he loved the toy even MORE after that! It’s been through the RINGER! I have sewed him, trimmed him and heavy-duty electrical taped him shut. He can’t live without him. He is, “Leopard Guy”


I did my best with the requests!! Thanks SOOO much for your suggestions! Anything I missed, I will try and work it into the next!! Michael was mad I didn’t take his suggest for “Thirsty Thursday” which was a healthy Bloody Mary–so you may be seeing that next week ;-)



Do you have pets? Do they have a favorite toy(s)?

What are  you doing this weekend?

Do you workout at home, in the gym, or both? Which do you prefer?

Have a great Friday!!!

Next post will be my 200th!!!

Thanks for voting :-)


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