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Five Snow Day Activities with Kids

Posted Feb 05 2013 9:04am
Snow days, we love 'em and sometimes, not so much. They can be delightful and magical, living inside a snow globe, but the snow globe can get a bit, um, claustrophobic. Here are five of our favorite snow day activities with the littles:

1. Make a garland- it can be the good 'ole stand-bye paper chain or crafters can get more creative and link up paper snowflakes, triangles with a favorite saying or something floral with the wish for spring, if you're cabin fever and the winter doldrums have set in.

Source: via Lisa -Skolgnistan on Pinterest

2. Let them eat cake- let the kids pick something to bake and have at it, with supervision. If you must, remind them of the little red hen and how everyone chips in from start to finish with cleaning up, putting ingredients away, but the reward- a tasty treat.

Source: via Cathy James @ NurtureStore on Pinterest

3. Followed by... LL Bean Snowman Family - this is a great kit to build your very own and makes a great gift, but if you don't have the bits and bobs, scrounge through drawers, dress-up bins and design your very own snow people (or animals, cars, etc!)

4. Reading Marathon- when everyone is chilly and ready to get toasty, gather under a blanket and read until you're bleary eyed and your voice cracks, take turns or if the littles are big, see who can read the most or take turns partner reading a classic.

5. The Great Collage-Mural-Mosaic. Okay, yes I know I am mixing mediums here...but gather all your old magazines and either pick a theme or go willy-nilly and cut out pictures you love, then get out an old roll of gift wrap, butcher's paper or some other large paper you can glue your selections onto. Everyone can collaborate or have their own space and then tell about it later.

Source: via on Pinterest

Here's to enjoying the chill,Deirdre
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