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Five Goals for February

Posted Feb 08 2011 8:14am

Good Morning all!

How’s your day going so far? I’m just in from my workout with Mr Trainer and I’m pleased to report today was a really good one! Last week’s were only so-so – I worked hard but something was just missing. Even though I’ve toned down the intensity of my workouts until I fully recover from my cold, it’s lovely to be able to run and actually breathe through my nose again!

Last week I looked back at my January goals and decided that I did really well on some and not so hot on others. In addition to working on some of those not-so-hot ones, I’ve set out some new ones for this month.

1. Go to yoga 2x per week. Oh yes, we’re aiming for consistency here. None of the 8-classes-in-2-weeks-then-nothing that I did last month. Like I said before, I think the key to actually realizing yoga’s stress-relieving benefit (among others) is to do it regularly, so that’s my plan for February. Last night I did a Vinyasa Foundations class, which is intended to focus on linking breathing to postures. I’m sure there were at least a few of my breaths linked to my postures, somewhere among my thoughts about how dry my hands were and how I really needed to shave my legs. I could certainly do with a class that focuses on how to shut up the voices in my head… but I suppose that would be called mental therapy. I’m willing to just stick with yoga for now.

2. Finish my Nutrition and Wellness Specialist certification by February 28th. I took the course for this designation back in November , and passed my written exam in December. Now I’ve just got to do the practical, and I’ll be finished the whole thing. Time to channel my inner nerd and hit the books once again! I’ve signed up for another course in March, but we’ll talk about that another day.

3. Be able to do 10 real chin-ups. Last month I proudly announced to the world that I completed 8, so this month we’re shooting for 10. This will get me 50% of the way to my overall goal , which is 10 chin ups and 10 pull ups. There’s no real purpose behind this goal, I just want to be able to do it to say that I can. Kind of like my plank challenge from last year, but a little more exciting.


4. Make at least 20 minutes of computer-free time before bed. Oooh this is gonna be a challenging one. My Mac screen is becoming more familiar with my face than my roommates are, and lately my computer-free time before bed window is about 5 minutes… on a good night. It’s typically the last thing I look at before I brush my teeth (and floss of course!) and doze off. However, that will not be the case for February. Maybe I’ll even read… and by that I mean a book, not magazines. Maybe even a real one, not a cookbook. Hmm…..

5. Organize a blogger meet-up. I’ve attended several fabulous get togethers (like this one ) with lots of lovely ladies over the last little while, but most have been in Toronto. A couple of you lovely local bloggies have contacted me about this and I think it needs to happen. Watch your inboxes! (Oh, and if you are a Toronto blogger and fancy making the trip, that’s cool too!)

Finally, a word about sticking to my grocery budget….

I know you guys are probably about ready to slap me on this one because I’ve mentioned it so many times, but this month I’ve got my game face on. January was what I like to consider the ‘experimentation month’ where I kept all my receipts and figured out how much I really spent. This month, I’ll be doing my best to stick to my lovely little number. In reviewing my receipts from last month, I must say that vegetarian sources of protein really are cheaper. They also form the basis of some very tasty meals, like the Tofu and Udon Noodle Soup that I re-made this weekend. It wasn’t quite right the first time around, but the second was much more flavourful and delicious.

Alright, that’s all for this morning. I’ll finish off with my questions for today:

  • What are your goals for February?
  • Do you have a set period of time before bed that you designate as computer-free time?

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