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Five Favorites for Air Travel

Posted Aug 21 2012 10:21pm

During August and September I’ll travel 6 of the 8 weeks, many of which will be via plane. All this travel has taught me a great deal over the past year. Today I want to share my five favorite items to make any flight just a little bit smoother. Regardless of whether you travel once a year or once a week, hopefully you’ll enjoy these items. In addition to these items, I highly recommend you check out 3 Fl Oz if you’re a beauty junkie who wants to find your favorite products in airport security approved sizes!

Travel Favorites

1.The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie has been a travel companion of mine for the past two years, keeping me warm on many a cold flight.  I love the cozy factor while still looking partially put together due to it’s sleek lines. The deep pockets are perfect for holding lip gloss and your ticket while you’re running through the airport.

2. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is the perfect thing to use as soon as you sit down on the flight in order to ensure you land looking rested, even if you couldn’t get a minute’s sleep on your six hour cross country flight. It reduces puffiness that is common post flight and the cool formula leaves your skin and gentle eye area feeling refreshed.

3. Emergen-C Spending time in airports and airplanes is the perfect way to pick up the latest cold or flu strain. In addition to staying active during travel I mix one packet with water daily and enjoy each morning to give my body an extra burst of Vitamin C. I think of it as my immune system’s punching Gatorade during the fight against germs!

4. I love the new, sleek design of my Kindle , a present to myself earlier this year. It fits easily in my carry-on and allows me to enjoy hours of reading without the weight of books or the clunk of the older versions. The battery on the new one seems to last for hours, which makes traveling without a power cord an easy space saving decision.

5. The Eddy Camelbak water bottle is a great way to save money while also making it easy to stay hydrated during travel. At .75 liters, this no-leak bottle can fit easily into your seat pocket, making it less necessary to use that annoying stewardess call button during a flight. I fill mine up in the airport in between flights and then ask the flight attendant to fill it up during flight instead of the small cup they’d normally provide. An added bonus is that you won’t risk spilling all over your seatmates or computer during turbulence!

Enjoy, because traveling is easier and more enjoyable when you have the right gear!

What am I missing?

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