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Five Do’s and Don’ts of Losing Pregnancy Weight

Posted Nov 06 2008 7:35am
by Teresa Brown

It’s hard to get into an exercise routine when you’re taking care of young ones. Lots of new moms vacillate from starvation to binging or spend a ton of cash on an expensive weight loss program or gym membership. Here are the top 5 do’s and don’ts to keep you on track for losing pregnancy weight.

1. Don’t obsess over your daily calories. Skipping meals or becoming too strict with yourself could lead to binging when hungry and purging to ease the guilt. Committing to eating healthy meals for losing pregnancy weight should be a gradual transition so it won’t sabotage your efforts by being a shock to your system and psyche. Choose natural foods and healthy low-calorie receipes and snacks that cater to your tastes.

2. Do make sure you snack properly. It’s okay to slip in a treat every once and a while, but make sure it’s still worth your while. Having a chocolate covered protein or granola bar will always be better than having a sugar packed chocolate candy bar. Every little detail can help when losing the pregnancy weight.

3. Don’t forget to stretch. Getting your body back to normal after having a baby can be hard. Your hips could hurt or your arms are tired. Stretching helps when losing pregnancy weight because it helps build and repair the muscles. Yoga at home or just a series of simple stretches at work will help you keep relaxed.

4. Do incorporate some resistance training. Alternate your jogging days with some resistance exercises such as crunches on an Bosu ball or dumbbell lunges. Resistance training is an effective method for losing pregnancy weight to get quick results because each exercise works several muscle groups and this burns more fat. Instead of going to a gym, try and get an exercise ball or light weights for your home and that way you can workout while watching TV or listening to your iPod.

5. Don’t avoid getting some shuteye. It can be hard to hit the sack when you have a little one but make sure you get a naptime too! Losing pregnancy weight can be hard when you are exhausted. Your muscles, metabolism and nerves need a rest and so get some rest while you can.

Whatever route you’ve choosen to go about losing the pregnancy weight, always strive for a balance in your mental, physcial and psychological health. These do’s and don’ts are just guidelines to your bigger plan, but no matter what you do just make sure you are having fun!

About the Author:
Before you start another quick-fix diet to burn the baby fat, visit Teresa Brown’s blog for more tips on how you can lose pregnancy weight fast and keep it off.
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