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Five {Be-YOU-tiful} Reminders We All Need to Hear

Posted Dec 21 2012 10:30pm

Heyyy friends!

Happy Saturday-before-Christmas.  AND happy December 22nd-the-Mayans-were-wrong-and-we-all-survived-day!  Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?

As my first week of CrossFit bad-ass-ery  has come a close, I am feeling so unbelievably strong and empowered.  This is seriously such a beautiful feeling.  In the spirit of empowerment and amidst the stress of the holiday season, let’s talk about how be-YOU-tiful each and every one of YOU truly are.

One of my favorite bloggers, Kasey (better know as PowerCakes ) is all about #beTRUEtoYOU.  I seriously love this mantra.

With this in mind, I began my #ChooseHappy movement as a means to find a sense of happiness in everything I do.  Mind over matter.  Be the YOU that you want to be, and find HAPPY in just that.  Because when you recognize the JOY within yourself, you can spread it. Like wildfire.

So let’s get down to bizzz–ness.

Five {Be-YOU-tiful} Reminders We All Need to Hear
  1. You are BRAVE.  No matter what challenges you overcome, what battles you face, and what feats you conquer; always remember that you are courageous.  You endure challenges and you fight the battle of life.  Think about how far you have come.  Visualize how you battled fear and overcame whatever stood in your way.  You were a fighter; you are a fighter; and you will always be a FIGHTER.
  2. You are STRONG.  With food, with fitness, with battles all your own–you show your strength day in and day out.  Be about this strength.  Be empowered to be the best you that you can be; recognize your inner-badass (yeah, it’s there).  And now CHALLENGE it.  You always have more to give.  Embrace yo’ power and exceed your own expectations.  You are a ROCKSTAR.
  3. You are SMART.  Never underestimate the power of your mind.  Know that you have learned so much, developed skills, and become an overwhelmingly-knowledgeable-human-SUPERHERO.  Okay, overkill?  I don’t think so. ;) Anywho, never stop learning.  Never stop researching.  If you have a passion, fill your mind with knowledge.  Rekindle a love for learning or continue embracing the one deep within your soul.  Do itttt.
  4. You are LOVED.  Let’s get sappy.  Family, friends, co-workers, pets, lady-down-the-street-you-always-wave-at-when-you-drive-by.  No matter who it is, LOVE and be LOVED.  LOVE is so powerful.  It transcends so many emotions.  While so much strength and empowerment comes from deep within your soul, it also comes from the relationships and people with whom you surround yourself.  Take a moment to appreciate the love, be mindful of the love, and pay it forward.  “And the greatest gift was LOVE; fa la la la la.” {Picture this in song form–T-Swift style, except in my tone-deaf version}
  5. You are UNIQUE.  Let’s get one thing straight.  Unique and weird are not the same thing.  I used to think “Oh no she diiii-dennt just call me UNIQUE,” but now I am all about it.  You are UNIQUE because you are YOU.  You are UNIQUE because you are be-YOU-tiful.  You are UNIQUE because you are living a life all your own; and kicking butt and taking names I might add!  So keep on keepin’ on.  Keep on being YOU; embracing YOU; and showing the world all you got.
So there is your pin-able reminder of just how be-YOU-tiful you truly are.
With Christmas just a few days away, the season of giving is so important.  I love this time of year because spreading love is such an amazing way to share the gifts of JOY, HAPPINESS, and FAITH.

Share the JOY and embrace it within yourself.

Take a few minutes a day to remind yourself of what you truly are— be-YOU-tiful!

When you recognize the LOVE within yourself, it resonates with those whom you come in contact person.  Happiness is contagious– SPREAD IT LIKE THE PLAGUE, Y’ALL! ;)

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