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Fitting in GPP

Posted Jun 19 2013 10:33pm
My apologies for not posting about yesterday. I ended up getting a very last-minute text that a brand new horse was coming to our therapeutic riding stable very last last night. I couldn't possibly pass up on the offer to greet him when he arrived, so I ended up being out of the apartment for most of the night and well  into the wee hours of the morning. I'm very excited to see how he will do in our program. He's absolutely adorable to say the least!

Here is a very brief recap of yesterday...


Two eggs and toast, a classic!

Along with some Red Rose orange pekoe tea to warm me up on a rather brisk morning.


I made some delicious fresh rolls with crab and sweet thai chili sauce for dipping.


My workout of the day was another one by GPP Fitness. I completed their Pushed workout at the gym followed by a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical.

I left the gym on such a high! I felt amazing afterwards!


Casey cooked up some incredible steaks on the barbeque. They were absolutely delicious! I ate one of the smaller ones along with some steamed green beans.

For dessert, Casey and I made up a tiny batch of vanilla cupcakes to enjoy as a little treat to ourselves. I made them the way I like them, with the icing on the side!

I woke up bright and early this morning for the morning program. I wasn't feeling super hungry after having a pretty large snack before I went to bed super late the night before. I grabbed a banana and a couple Mini Wheats to get me through the morning.

I was also feeling exhausted after only having gotten roughly four hours of sleep the night before. I stopped by McDonald's on the way to work to pick up a medium sugar free vanilla iced coffee to get me energized.


I was feeling energized after my coffee, morning program, then spending the morning playing with the new horse in the barn. I got home around 11am and was ready for lunch. I made myself a steak fajita using a small whole wheat tortilla, chipotle barbeque sauce, lettuce, orange bell pepper slices and leftover steak from last night. I also had some extra steak on the side because it was so delicious!


I did a bit of snacking throughout the afternoon, but by the time dinner rolled around I was ready for a solid meal! I cooked up some chicken wings and tossed them in a honey garlic sauce. I also had some steamed green beans with a hint of sea salt on the side. Everything was delicious! I loved everything about this meal and could eat it for days if I had to!


Casey and I headed off to the gym a little while after dinner where I completed another GPP Fitness workout.

I wasn't feeling super great after my first set, likely because I had eaten a big dinner only an hour earlier. After the second set, I decided to pass on finishing the burpees out of fear I would throw up on the ground. I finished the thrusters and kettlebell swings, then hopped on the elliptical to get in my cardio component while remaining vertical. I did a 30-minute interval workout on the elliptical before calling it a night.

And I guess it's about time I call it a night! I'm pretty tired and I have to be up early tomorrow. I also have a busy day ahead of me!

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