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Fitting in Fitness At Work

Posted Sep 02 2011 9:02am

Hello :) Today’s topic is courtesy of a few readers who thought this would be a good topic. I aim to please (readers). So…

One of the more common complaints (or aggravations, frustrations, troubles – because complaints can be such a negative word can’t it?) that I see around blogs and in the “real world” (whatever that is) is: How To Fit In Fitness throughout your day.

But, I don’t just mean typical regular fitness activities that most athletes and fitness enthusiasts also manage to get in no matter what.

I mean for the many average Joe’s (and Jolene’s ;) ) that are stuck behind a desk all day. Or chained to a desk – same thing. For 8 hours. Or more. Actually, it is more because you have to factor in time spent driving, eating…in the washroom…yeah, I went there.

Either way, we don’t all have one of these:

So, how do you fit in some activity throughout your work-day? I.e: get your bum unstuck from a seat without having to be pried off or overcoming those feelings of laziness. I think actually that’s the most difficult one – at least for me it is. Because it’s our minds that dictate how we feel, and, unfortunately it can make us feel like crap on certain (most) days if were not careful.

So, I want to emphasize here – and, this is really important – that you are not lazy or going to gain weight or lose your fitness or muscle by sitting at work all day. Is it ideal? No. But….um, we do have to work! I know, let me know if you know how to get out of that one please!

But keeping your mind active and your body loose throughout the day increases alertness, productivity and can even add up for those days when you don’t have time – or don’t want to – do structured exercise.

And, yes, I’m aware that most of these tips are common-sense right? Been there, read that. I know. But y’know what? They’re real – and they only work if you do them :)


How To Break Up Your Day (and your desk) By Fitting In (a little) Fitness:


1) Get up from your desk every 30 minutes to an hour. Take a walk around, go to the bathroom – on the floor above or below you while taking the stairs. Walk past all the other employees very discreetly while secretly eying their computer screens to see what they are really doing.

2) As above – take the stairs. When you get to work, take the stairs. On lunch break? Take the stairs. Of course – be reasonable. If you work on the 26th floor, you might not want to do that. Especially if your carrying a brief-case or backpack…or wearing a skirt. And high heels. Ouch. In such a case though - try walking up a few flights and then taking the elevator the rest of the way.

3) Take a walk on your lunch break. If you have an hour lunch, your lucky to have a longer time and may be able to squeeze in 25 to 30 minutes. If not, even 5 to 10 minutes of brisk moving increases blood flow to tight muscles and stiff backs. Consider walking to an outside park to eat on nice days.

4) Drink lots of water. Why? More pee-breaks :) I’m a thinking gal…no, but seriously, water will also help keep you alert and can aid in mindless munching that will lead to lethargy and difficulty even getting up from your chair at the day’s end!

5) Park far away or get off at an earlier bus-stop. More walking.

6) Simple Chair Exercises. Shoulder stretches, range-of-motion, leg extensions and marching standing up all count and get your blood flowing a little. If your really not shy, try doing some tricep dips off your chair or wall push-ups. Heck, start a cheer to pump up your co-workers and blast out a few jumping jacks!

7) You can try this Standing Core Yoga sequence too.


Okay, seriously though, don’t laugh or think “yeah right” or “that’s so obvious or simple”. Because – that’s what life is really – simple. Why do we make it so complicated?

Do your work, eat a healthy lunch (don’t skip!) and snacks, engage in striking and stimulating conversation and move your body when you can and it’s all good.


You? What are your tips?

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