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Fitness with the Family

Posted May 16 2013 10:45am

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had joined a Target influencer program and they would providing me with health-related topics to write about on the blog.

Today’s topic is about how my family lives a healthy and fit lifestyle. Let me start out by saying that my mom used to be a body builder so I grew up in a very fitness-oriented household.  I saw her going to the gym almost every morning, eating healthy meals, and watched her in intense fitness competitions. I never really worked out as a child, but I was a member of the color guard in high school! Yes, I threw rifles and flags in the air. Yes, I was a band geek but it was great exercise!



Besides color guard, I never went to the gym until the summer before college. My sister taught me how to use a treadmill. My mom and I did a Zumba DVD in the living room. I eventually became a gym nut by the time college came. I went to the gym all of the time with friends and did 45 minutes on the elliptical almost every day. Don’t ask me how I did that – so boring! Now my sister and I take gym classes together since we are both in New York City. My parents and I worked out together on our cruise. I take my mom’s Zumba classes (she teaches now) when I go home to Philadelphia. I am thankful now that my family was so into fitness when I was young. I may not be as into fitness as I am now if I never grew up around it. I think it is super important to get kids as active as possible at a young age.

Tell me……

How does your family live a healthy, fit lifestyle?

How did your family encourage fitness you when were a child?

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