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Fitness Show Prep: Nails & Tanning, Bugs on Food, Packing, Re-Usable Bottles, Competitive?

Posted Jun 03 2010 2:52pm
Hi Friends!  I hope your day is going wonderfully!  I am a very busy girl today because Saturday morning is my Fitness Show and I am doing all my last minute primping.   I have my spray tanning lady coming over later.  Please note the feet many shades lighter than my legs.  She definitely needs to fix those!
 Sock tan much?

And I went and got my nails done!   A pink and white manicure.

These are 100% my natural nails.  No tips, no extensions, just my vegan nails.
For someone who cleans produce and toilets like it's my job, I am happy with my nails.  Oh wait, those are my "jobs".  People ask me if I "do" anything special to them.   Nope.  I eat plants, they grow.  That's it.

I used to get my nails done all the time like Janetha just did (and also Happy Birthday a few days to my girl Janetha but I've wished her Happy Birthday privately and punctually).   In the past few years getting my nails done has been non-existent.  I used to have pink and white acrylics on my fingernails and a perfect not-a-ding-in-sight pink and white pedicure at all times.  Suffice to say, I had extra time and money on my hands to be that perfectly pink'ed and white'ed.

I was excited to get my nails done today.  Not so excited thinking about managing Skylar while trying to "relax".  Drinking acetone or dropping a bottle of crimson red nail polish on the tile floor or bumping into the other patrons while they are trying to chill is always an issue with small children.  A well-stocked raw fruits and veggies snack pack was in order for the trip.  I brought one of those Soy-Joy bars I mentioned but she was too busy playing with the vibrating salon chair to notice. 

And here's my pink and white pedicure
I have a feeling both the nail polish job and the toe nail polish will look like hell within 72 hours.   But it's fun while it lasts!

From Yesterday...
Thanks to everyone who chimed in on what you like to Dip to how many Condiments you own.  After I admitted to having more than 40, I was actually surprised to hear people have less than 10!  That's less than my mustard or nut butter collection alone.  Wow, I guess I am a Condiment Queen!

And then there were my thoughts about Getting Back to Basics .  Not always the easiest path, but usually the more satisfying.  I am glad to know many of you strive to simplify your lives , too.  

And let's not forget TV watching for children.  I am so grateful that my readers who aren't even parents yet can appreciate that continually parking your child in front of constant stimulation like a TV or DVD isn't wise.  Not only that, I personally believe it stifles creative development and "dumbs down" our kidsNot saying that I never do TV or that there aren't some good programs for kids.  I simply mean, as a whole, I think a walk outside or a coloring book are better choices.  And most of you agreed and some of you have first hand experience of watching a younger sibling grow up without TV ( Ilana ) and can see the positive effects.

Lastly, thanks for encouraging me with the New Fitness Show Category I am competing in: Sports ModelDanielle had a great idea and one that I was going to use anyway when I have to give my 30 second speech .  I plan to discuss that you can be a Fitness Competitor without compromising your beliefs.  And not only that, it's possible to be a Bodybuilding Competitor as a high GF Raw Vegan and for this to be more about lifestyle and less about crazy crash diets or unhealthy practices.
The organizer said that the ladies who did the Sports Model Category at a recent show in L.A. made out pretty well with advertisers and companies wanting to use them to endorse products.  Sounds good to me $$

Moving On...
I've been packing!
 We have a 2-car garage.  This is Stall #1

This is Stall #2

Complete with a Trike and Jogging Stroller.   I cannot say enough amazing things about the Bob Ironman.  4000+ miles in 3.5 years and still going strong.   You get what you pay for if you know of anyone in the market for a serious stroller for running, walking, hiking, trails, or roads.

 And Skylar's Shopping Cart

Speaking of shopping carts, I had to swing through the grocery today.  I found mangoes for 50 cents each!

And Blueberries for $2.50 for 2 Pints!

I love Fresh Bloobs.

And I found Coffee on sale!  Plus, someone had left a coupon for $1 off Starbucks so between it already being marked down, and a random-act-of-kindness-coupon someone left, Starbuck's was not even a splurge anymore.  It was cheaper than Folger's!

Had to laugh when I read that Sumatra is best drank "with a stack of syrupy pancakes before the house wakes up.  Ummm, yeah.   It's also best to win the lottery but that's probably not happening before the house wakes up, either.

Maybe one day I will find the time to make these Pancakes in San Diego, though. 
  Wheat Free Coconut Pancakes recipe photo
My original recipe for my Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes is Here and there's step-by-step photo instructions.

I also cleaned some Romaine and found a ladybug on it!
Before I joined my CSA in San Diego about 5 years ago, I really didn't think that bugs actually lived on our food.  Most grocery store food is so sprayed with pesticides that nothing can live.  Not bugs, and probably not even the food is truly "living", but that's a whole other story.

It took years of me cleaning really dirty, filthy heads of lettuce and greens and having some critters walking on the food and jumping around the sink before I stopped jumping at the sights in the sink!

Now, nothing phases me and I actually, dare I say this, almost like seeing bugs on my food because it means that the food is somewhat alive, hasn't had the crap sprayed out of it with pesticides, and the transit time from farm where it was picked to my table is short enough that an insect can still be alive. 

  I don't think this ladybug was still living, rather he was just "laying on the leaf hanging dead out.

When I came home I found this TShirt Waiting for me from

Just want to mention it's a size Large and quite fitted on me.  I am a size 2 in fitted/sized clothing for reference.

It's super soft.  As in buttery soft.  And I love the aqua color!    

From Their Website :
"Choco Designs is a company that is passionate about yoga! We hope that our products will inspire you and increase your passion for yoga and life."
 Thanks ChocoByChloe.comI love it!

After the gym, grocery store, nail salon, and tshirt fashion show, it was time for Skylar's lunch.
Can't see her tshirt but it says "Think Green" on it.  This is her trying not to spray broccoli chunks all over me laughing while I take her picture.  How's that for TMI.

Gym Workout from This Tab : Day 3 - Chest/Shoulders

Yoga Today is Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose) .  This is one of my favorite yoga poses, ever.  I love forearm balances!

 (Recycled Photo, about 7-8 months old)

Tip of the Day:  Remember to drink enough water in the summertime!  It's hot out.  It's 105+ here today.  Supposed to be 112-114F here this weekend.   Just in time for my move.  Oh the joys of loading a truck when it's that hot.   Stay hydrated kids!  Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink.  By that time, your body is already in slight dehydration mode.  This is common sense, but just a friendly reminder to drink your water!

Fun Dessert Reminder: Raw Vegan Caramels

1. The other day I mentioned I got this go-cup for my coffee that I prefer extra hot .
I've also posted about our re-usable water bottles .  This is from my 10 Things that Make me Happy & Eco-Friendly Post:   
Some of the things that I do to help the environment and "green" our life include: I recycle everything I possibly can.  We have been on board with re-usable drinking bottles for about 4 years from both Klean Kanteen
Water just tastes awesome from this bottle! A lot better than it does from BPA-laden plastic bottles that end up in landfills anyway.
...and here's our Sigg bottles.
 I prefer Klean Kanteen 's functionality over Sigg but I think Sigg's are cuter.
1.  Do you have a favorite re-usable beverage holder?  What kind and brand is it?
Water = Klean Kanteen for me.  Coffee = My new Starbucks go-cup, but I would like to have something else, too, for coffee.  It can't have metal on it since I put it in the microwave.  Even though many of them don't say "microwave safe" or they say "Do Not Microwave" you can tell what will hold up in the micro and which won't.  Metal and microwaves don't mix!  What's your favorite re-usable drink holder?  Now that you've had it, can you imagine using disposable water bottles?  I can't!

2.  Getting your nails done.  How often do you get them done?  And die-hard acrylic nail lovers out there? Anyone who never goes to the nail salon?   

There is something divine and heavenly about a foot massage for me while getting a pedicure, for sure.  But, as I said, I used to live in the nail salon, but time and finances and just a general attitude of that not being a big priority anymore have changed how much energy I devote to nail maintenance.  And I realize acrylic nails are pretty toxic, but I will say that a fresh set of nails just looks so good.  I admit it! 

3. Bugs in your food.  Does it creep you out?  Do you ever find any bugs in your food?
I should note there is a huge difference cleaning produce with a bug on it than say going to a restaurant and finding a roach in your food or something to that effect.  That's the difference between "natural" and "call the health board and get this place shut down!"  Kind of reminds me of my hazards of Bulk Bins Post and moth wings and larve in the bulk bins .

4. Do you like your tshirts tight, somewhat loose, or very loose? 
Depends where I am going, but I definitely am a somewhat to very loose girl.  I don't like the too-tight look on me.  Attracts more attention than I, ahem, need.  And pants and shorts, I would rather buy them baggier than tighter.  I bought some cute sporty workout clothes for the Sports Model Category I am doing and they are tighter, and shorter, than I would ever really wear....haha!

5. Are you competitive?
I entered my show for funBut, of course, I want to do well.  I haven't worked this hard, and spent a fair amount of money on everything from trainer sessions, outfits, shoes, tanning, hair, nails, etc. to just do this "for fun".  Yes, it's been a ball and I already have a show in California I am looking at doing, but my competitive nature has come out, and I want to do well! 

I give 110% to everything I do in life from my blog to motherhood to my relationships to yoga to lifting and training and after all my effort, I do hope I am what the judges are looking for, but it's subjective and I won't know until Saturday night if I "made the grade".  But yes, as much as my yoga practice has helped me let go of much of any downsides of my competitive nature, I still like a good "friendly competition" and am competitive.  I don't think it's good or bad to be one way or the other; I think much of that is innately how we are wired, or not.
Are you competitive by nature?

Stay Tuned For A Give Away on Friday.  And a sporadic posting schedule this weekend.  Trust me, when I have pictures and a free moment, I will share it all with you guys.  And, I hope I don't have to say that I came in in 17th out of 18th place or anything.  Nothing like sharing my successes (or failures) with my 4000 friends each day...hah!
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