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Fitness Shoes / Barefoot Technology: What to Know

Posted Apr 29 2010 6:52pm
Fitness Shoes, Exercise Shoes, Barefoot Technology, Rocker-bottom, negative heel shoes are some of the aliases that footwear, like the one pictured, have been given.  Shoes like this are made my many companies including MBT (original), Avia, Reebok and Sketchers.  Their popularity has been excited by the idea that they can give you a "workout without ever going to the gym."

This 'rocker-bottom' type of shoe does have support from many podiatrists and foot specialists.  Research supports the ideas that the shoes may improve balance , ease knee, back and lower extremity strain, boost calorie burn and firm muscles when used regularly.  However, other research suggests that there could be an increased risk of falling, and muscle strain when donning these fashionable footies.  Claims of super buns, perfect legs and serious weight loss all seem to fall into the "results not typical" category based on the research - but wearing rocker-bottom type footwear may give your back, ankles and knees a break and should give you a slightly increased caloric burn.  NOTE: Experts agree that you should stay away from infomercial knock-offs and be extra diligent with stretching when using the shoes.

Click HERE for a video about 'rocker-bottom' footwear.

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