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Fitness Friday

Posted Nov 05 2011 2:15pm

Fitness round up time y'all!

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Running, 2.2 miles, 19 minutes 10 seconds

A comfortably paced run around the streets of Reading. I love running when I'm holiday, it's a fab way to see wherever you're staying.

Monday - Gym; hip abductor machine, back extension machine, ab machine, chest press machine, seated dip machine, tricep extension machine, arm curl machine, plus mat work of elbow plank, press ups and upper body weights

First time I've ever been to the gym and done no cardio whatsoever! I was trying to save my legs a bit in preparation for all the running I have to come so just stuck to strength instead.

I totally love strength training - not only does it make me feel better and look better, I see it as better preparing myself for all other exercise that I might do. If I feel stronger all over, I feel more confident when I run and just feel better prepared for whatever life may throw at me.

Tuesday - Recovery running, 5k, 30 minutes 40 seconds

Ha, I think this run was the nail in the coffin for my shin/calf - being forced to run this slow really made me realise that my leg needs a bit of help!

Well, that's my first run of the marathon training done and dusted at least so that's a positive! The plan that I'm following called for me to run at the very silly pace of 10:58 which I found utterly impossible. I ran as slow as I could and ended up at an average of 9:49. But it really hurt to run soooo slooooow. My legs ached and I felt miserable to be honest.

When I get back on the plan (hopefully by the end of next week, xray pending!!!), I'm going to go at my OWN speed from now on. I'll still run at recovery pace sometimes, but at my own recovery pace not what the good people at Asics reckon I should do!

Plus 3.5 miles walking

Wednesday - YouTube; Ultimate Stretching Routine, Post Run Stretch, Stretching Workout for Shinsplints and Stretch it Out

Yes. I needed to stretch!! Good old YouTube came up with the goods.

Plus 3.5 miles walking

Thursday - 40 Minutes Upper Body Weights

I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling it that day. I was quite distracted by my shin (boo hoo) and *ahem* the summing up in the Conrad Murray trial !

Plus 3.5 miles walking

Friday - Gym; 5 minutes rowing machine, back extension machine, ab machine, chest press machine, seated dip machine, tricep extension machine, and mat work including upper body weights, sit ups, chest press with medicine ball and press ups

More fab gym strength work. I'm really enjoying getting good and strong! I'm no Arnie, I'm still lifting relatively light weights. Here's what I'm up to at the moment -

I do six sets of twelve on each weights machine, and kind of free style with the hand weights/medicine ball and just do whatever I feel like.

The hand weights I can use comfortably at the moment is 4 lbs and I use the 6lb ones for very slow (very heavy!) bicep curls. I can't do anything else with the 6lb ones at the mo, to me they weigh a ton! I use the "yellow" medicine ball - yep, have NO idea how much it weighs!

Back extension machine - two sets at 90 lbs, two sets at 70 lbs and two sets at 50 lbs
Ab machine - two sets at 50lbs and four sets at 30 lbs
Chest press machine - Three sets at 10lbs (can not for the life of me get any heavier or go any longer at the mo!)
Seated dip machine - Two sets at 60lbs, two sets at 50lbs and two sets at 30lbs
Tricep extension machine - Two sets at 70lbs, two sets at 60lbs and two sets at 50lbs
Arm curl machine - One set at 20lbs and two sets at 10lbs (another weak spot at the moment for me)

I didn't do any leg work yesterday but normally I do the hip abductor machine with two sets at 70lbs, two sets at 50lbs and two sets at 30lbs.

Figured I'd document what weights I'm lifting currently so I can track some sort of progress. I'm quite pleased with how my strength work is going and it's given me a lot of positives in a week filled with (leg based) negatives!

Plus 3.5 miles walking

So, as I said yesterday, I've got my shin xray next week, and I've found a really good looking sports therapy place close to home with affordable (ish) prices that I may look into going to if things don't improve.

I spent 10 or so minutes working my calf on the foam roller earlier and my problem leg's calf is SO much tighter than the other. I used this technique and was totally howling out in pain (the good "foam roller" type of pain!) at how much my dodgy calf is in a knot. Which makes me think that that having a proper sports physio give it a good poke and prod would really do it some good. I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's a too tight calf that is causing the bother. Anyhoo, we shall see!
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