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Fitness Friday & Why Rest Days Are Important

Posted Sep 13 2012 8:24pm

HAPPY FRIDAY YOU GUYS!  This week seriously FLEW by.  I haven’t caught my breath since coming home on Monday.  Whew.  I also haven’t been working out since then … and since it’s Fitness Friday I thought I would talk about why.




Like I mentioned above, I haven’t worked out since Monday.  And I don’t feel bad.  When I got back to Georgia from Arizona I felt like I got hit by a bus.  Emmalyne and I had taken 8 plane rides in 17 days, crossed the country 4 times, and changed time zones repeatedly.  On top of that, I spent a lot of my time at the hospital with my dad which is physically and mentally draining.  When I got home I knew I needed to take a break.


Typically I schedule 1 complete day of rest from working out each week.  I go hard the other six.  With half-marathon training in full swing, Best Body Bootcamp, and staying committed to yoga, I have been a busy bee.  I even managed to squeeze in most of mt workouts in while I was in Arizona.  I have to say, taking these last 4 days off has felt AMAZING.  Plus, taking rest days is super important for overall fitness and health.


Why are rest days important?

During rest days, our muscles repair and rebuild leading to an increase in overall strength.  Rest days are especially important during training plans because our bodies need time to adjust to the stress we are putting on them.  During exercise, your body uses its energy stores (glycogen) and depletes your fluid levels.  These need to be replenished so your body doesn’t start to breakdown.  Not taking rest days can lead to overtraining which increases your risk of being injured.  I also think that rest days help you find a healthy balance in life and remember WHY you exercise in the first place.  You should exercise to live … not live to exercise.


While I try to take a full day off from working out each week sometimes I incorporate active rest by doing yoga or walking with the family.  Also, since I am in half marathon training, I add in cross training to make sure my legs get a break from running.


I plan on going back to the gym today.  I don’t want to get too far off my training plan … I REALLY want to PR at the Savannah Rock-N-Roll.  Regardless, taking a few days off to get myself (and my house) together has truly helped me both mentally and physically.  I will hit the treadmill fresh and ready for SPEED.


Do you take rest days?  Do you feel guilty (you shouldn’t!!)?

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