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Fitness, Food and Fashion

Posted Nov 12 2012 9:06am
How are you all doing lovies? Yes, it’s Monday and it’s a bit yucky outside but things aren’t too bad around here :)

Fitness wise, things are going well with my new goals. I have made progress with my strength even just over the last 2 and a bit weeks which is pretty cool and things are also starting to change physically.

I’m really enjoying the gym again these days now that I’ve changed my routine. I know that when I get into a bit of a rut it seems like it’s a bit pointless but with something to focus on it definitely makes it more fun :) Note to self: change it up when you get bored ;)

Food wise…well you know me, lots of squash and raw food happening round here as always. I just can’t get enough!

As well as quorn fillets, I’ve also been loving Realeat Chicken Style pieces. They are seriously yum and quite versatile which I always like.

I also made a little splurge on more raw foods to try. I love raw crackers so much!! I got some carrot ones and italian style ones – yummm :)

And for an evening treat, raw speculoos bar!! UMM HELLO AMAZING!

But the beauty of raw food is that you get to experiment so easily to make your own things to your own taste. I’ve been a bit buckwheat happy as I love a good crunch so I made some coconut cracker type things in my dehydrator. So simple to make like a lot of raw foods :)

For these I just used:

1/2 cup of raw buckwheat groats

1/4 cup coconut flour

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix together in a food processor and press into a flat shape of 2 cm thickness and leave in the dehydrator overnight. Tadaa!

I also made a very simple raw fudge which was pretty good if I say so myself. Of course it had to include my fave raw ingredient – lucuma! This stuff is so addictive!

Simple raw fudge:

1 and 1/4 cup raw almonds and pumpkin seeds (equal amounts)

1 cup lucuma powder

1 cup dates (soaked for 3 mins before)

Ground the raw almonds and seeds in the food processor until they form a flour. Take out and put the dates into the food processor until they form a paste. Then add the raw flour and lucuma to the paste and mix in the food processor until a thick fudge mixture is formed. Press the mixture onto a piece of cling film on a tray to a 2 cm thick slab and wrap cling film over the top. Put in the freezer for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Then finally, fashion wise…

I finally gave in and got some ear cuffs to try. They look pretty cool :)

Also when I went home for the weekend I got one Christmas present early from my mum.

A new coat! I guess I kinda need it before Christmas as it’s getting so cold now and it’s perfect for when I like to go off on my little walks round where I live with my camera :)

Phew! I should not leave posts for so long all the time!

What did you do at the weekend?

Any new purchases recently?

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