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Fit This Food Blogger Week: DAY 1

Posted Dec 28 2009 6:25am
The Fridge.


Good things I see:
Cottage Cheese
Naked Juice

Not so good: Jimmy Johns
Brown bag surprise!
dirty bowls(!!)
Mac-N-Chee box mix (?? why it's in the fridge I don't know.)
OLD food= two cartons of half and half
AND enough food for 4 people and yet I eat for one.

Rule one of food blogging: HAVE FOOD.

So I went to the grocery store.
Luckly for me, these California Cuties are on sale, a pretty color and SUPER yummy.

Rule two: Plan ahead!
I have a loose idea of meals for the next 3-4 days, but have enough choices that I can be flexible. I find a HUGE factor in eating right, is having food that you love on hand. For me food is like clothing: I only want to wear things that I LOVE. I want to eat things that I LOVE and having a small variety of healthy things I enjoy, assures me that I can nosh contently. I have 3 official "dishes" planned this week that should last me 2 daily meals each: fish tacos, pita pizza and chicken with veggies!

Rule Three: Use what you have!
I buy too much food at one time! I eat for one and should buy only what I need that week or even for 4-5 days at a time. My freezer burns everything and I often forget what I have at home if my fridge / freezer are too full! Also, getting creative with what you have will help you use your food and open your eyes to new things you can make! I am planning on a few new dishes even today!

The new and improved fridge after my shopping and a thorough cleaning!

So I am on a roll for my first day blogging what I eat! Check back to see how I do!

Do you ever struggle with buying food you don't use?

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