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Fit or Fashionable: Where does style come into play?

Posted Dec 01 2009 12:00am
I am a full figured fitness guru. I love my curves and everything that comes from being a woman. But as I recently visited NYC and DC I wondered how comfortable women truly are in their skin. I saw tall and short women, dark and light skinned women. I saw women that were confident and then I saw those that lacked the luster, that vibrancy that even if they were wearing a comfortable pair of sweats that they were proud to do so.

Style is an essential part of your fitness journey. Fitness, wellness all equate to your lifestyle. Within lifestyle lies the word style. Each person is different and each look plays especially to your personality and figure. But as I write this I truly wonder how many of you don’t feel comfortable enough in your own skin to create that signature look that defines who you are. I have a friend in North Carolina her name is Jimi. She is this beautiful woman that has aged beautifully and at her age in my eyes is a knockout! Her look was definable. It was always put together, chic and fresh. There were new pieces mixed with simple older ones. I loved her style and I wanted her look. I feel like women could learn from her. As you get older I think you sort of have become who you are going to become. Her style came out even when she attended my fitness classes. She was there to feel healthy and get a little fitter but that never changed her STYLE!

In actuality I think it was her confidence. She was confident in who she was to know that she loved what she put on and was proud of her decisions in her life. If we all took time to come to terms with where we are today, who we want to be tomorrow and how to get there I feel like we would all come closer to polishing our style and ultimately define who we really are eliminating any future need of searching and finding ourselves.

Fitness can be fashioniable but your confidence ultimately defines your style.
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