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Fit @ Heart Gets Fitness Certified!

Posted Jul 06 2010 8:36pm

It’s official, the decision has been made for me to become a fitness instructor, and I am so excited! Looking back 7 years ago and fresh out of High School, I would have never seen this coming. Fitness was not something that I had on my mind. Although back then, I did not realize that fitness was apart of my daily routine to begin with. Little did I know that my active lifestyle would prepare me for this next step that I am about to make. Let me give you a little past history as to how active I was.

Dance:  At age 7 I began taking ballet and tap lessons and eventually jazz. These lessons would lead to 11 years of formal dance training on a weekly basis and result in 15 Recitals and 15 Nutcrackers (I still performed upon graduating).

Majorette: Although this is a dying art I still love it. I began taking baton lessons at age 11 and was a majorette in the band 9th-12th grade, 2 years captain. Our baton twirling wasn’t happy go lucky either. It was hardcore with using 1-3 batons at a time and using dance moves such as leaps and splits.

Track: I started running for the High School track team in the 7th grade and finished in the 9th grade when dance became the bigger priority.

Dance  School: Upon High School graduation, I was asked to teach 2 sisters baton lessons. This class of 2 would rise to 20 by the end of the Summer. By the following year I applied for a business license and began my dance school. I was the instructor, manager, finance guru, advertising team, you name it. I taught 10 classes a week to ages 3 and up ranging from ballet, tap, jazz, and baton. 5 years later and almost 100 students strong, my husband and I married and God directed us to a new home 300 miles away.

Whew, now that you have learned a little more about my past active life, you could say that I have been itching to get back to teaching. I must say that being a teacher can be one of the most rewarding jobs. Especially if  what you are teaching is something that you love and are passionate about. After I joined the massive gym in the big city nearby, I have been debating on whether or not getting certified as an instructor. Upon going to classes jammed packed with people excited about working out, and making new friends along the way, I have realized how special it would be to lead a class of women (and some men) down a path of health. To be instructing a class  where we are all there for the same reason, to get healthy, would be so life changing! To know that those people will look to me as a form of guidance and to set the example would also help me to stay on track with my personal health.

In a week or so I will receive pre-study materials that I need to know for the exam. On September 10th I will go to an all-day workshop and then take my exam at the end of the day. If I pass, I will officially be a certified primary group fitness instructor! I am looking forward to all of the new techniques that I will learn and will definitely use them in my upcoming posts. Hopefully this certification can help me to be an even better health and fitness blogger. One thing is for sure, even though strangers (and friends) like to call me a Barbie doll, I will NOT be dressing like this to teach a class:

Questions for you:

If you could teach any type of fitness class, which one would it be?

weight training


circuit training

kick boxing

water aerobics

dance aerobics

running groups


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