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Fit @ Heart’s Love Your Body Challenge.

Posted May 10 2010 2:29pm

Bras, panties, fragrances, sleepwear, you name it. Many of us ohh and ahh at this store, and yet it scares us at the same time. We love it for it’s wide variety of undergarments, it’s ability to make us feel confident with the right fit, yet it also can intimidate us with it’s over sized photos of Victoria’s Secret models. There is no question that the models of this company are beautiful. Each girl comes from a different background, and while flipping through the V.S. magazine we receive in the mail almost weekly, we have a slight hint of wanting what they have. People across the nation love V.S. models bodies. To many, they seem near perfect, to even more they are perfect. So do these models love their bodies as much as everyone else does? You bet. But refreshingly so, they love them for more endearing reasons.

Check out V.S. model  Alessandra Ambrosio and learn why she loves her body.

Now while some of us can sit there and think, well she’s paid to give those reasons for loving her body. Nobody wants to hear that she loves her body because she’s perfectly toned or has flawless skin. However, whether you believe what she says or not, there is something very natural about her answer and very believable. Just because others see her body as perfect in a cosmetic way, does not mean that is the same reason why she loves her body.

Which brings us to the Fit @ Heart’s Love Your Body Challenge. Too many women in this day and time look in the mirror and focus on what they don’t like about their body rather than what they do like. If asked the question, how do you feel about your body, we are 9 times out of 10 more likely to ramble off flaws such as having thunder thighs or having jiggly arms rather than saying that our thighs help us cycle 50 miles a week or our arms help us hold our child when they are crying. This lack of confidence in our own body all goes back once again to negativity. This negative feeling can happen whether we hear it from someone else, or we are the one that is dishing it out. If we spend most of our time pointing out our flaws rather than our goods, we are bound to have a negative attitude throughout the day, the week, the year, even through life! Therefore, Fit @ Heart’s Love Your Body Challenge is a great way for you to take notice of the wonderful features that you have and be proud to make them known. In the end, you’ll be surprised by how many things you actually do like about yourself. Want to join the challenge? Here’s what to do:

Take the time to  truly examine yourself from head to toe. Focus only on positive thinking. What do you like about your feet? What do they allow you to do? What do you like about your arms, what have they gotten you through? How about your lips, eyes, ears, nose, waist, hands, the list goes on and on. Get creative! When you have decided upon what you love about your body and a reason why, you can do 1 or 2 things:

1. Leave a comment stating one thing that you love about your body and why.

2. Send a picture of that particular area on your body that you love to (ex: if it’s anything on your face send a head shot, if it’s your legs, send a picture of your legs etc.) After a few days, all comments and pictures will be collected and a Love Your Body Challenge Results will be posted with each person’s name, blog page website address,  picture, and their reason for loving their body. It will be amazing to see what we all love about our bodies!

Here is an example of what the results post will look like:

Jennifer from says:

I love my eyes because God gave them to me so that I could see all of the beauty that he has created such as nature, my family, and my husband.

Remember, you do not have to send a picture, however, if you do, the picture must be tasteful or it will not be posted. Let’s end this negative thinking about our bodies and find something to be confident in. What do you love about your body? Leave a comment below and/or send a picture and join the Fit @ Heart’s Love Your Body Challenge!

Question to answer:

What do you love about your body? Why?

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