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Fit Bit Friday 76

Posted Jan 18 2013 4:30am

Hi Guys!

How are you doing on this fine Friday? Have you had a good week? Mine has been pretty busy, but productive at the same time. You know those weeks when Friday hits and your bod feels sore, but it’s because you’ve been totally owning your workouts in the gym? THAT’S how I feel. Anyone else with me?

Speaking of workouts, it’s Fit Bit Friday time!

reasons to be fit - healthy isn't just a phase

Work It Out

Rather than trying to crank your heart rate up with a bunch of full-body plyo moves, let’s shift gears this week and focus on some heavy weights, shall we? I’m sure you’ve all read and heard about the wonderful benefits of lifting weights regularly, but just in case you need a refresher, here’s a quick little summary of why it works:

  • Regular strength training helps develop muscle, which in turn increases your muscle mass. Muscle, although it weighs more than fat, requires more calories to sustain itself. Therefore, with a greater muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest than you would without that muscle. In other words, it turns you into an efficient calorie burning machine!
  • Strength training reduces risk of chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression.
  • It also helps to reduce your risk of injury, both in every-day activities and in other sports. This is especially true if you’re a runner or regularly do activities that place stress on your joints. 
  • It translates into some sexy lookin’ muscle! Just don’t go too far…. ;)

So with that being said, let’s throw some weights around!



Jumpstart January Shoulder Shred Workout

This is a little routine that I’ve had in my workout journal for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been meaning to share it with you so you can feel the burn too! You’ll need a few sets of dumbells (ideally 3 pairs – heavy, medium, and lighter) and access to a cable machine (optional) to complete these exercises, and you’ll do them in tri-set format. This means for each set of 3 moves, you’ll do one move immediately at the next, resting after you’ve completed a set of all 3. Take 1 minute to rest, and complete that tri-set again twice more for a total of 3 sets. There’s 2 tri-sets to complete, and you’ll finish off the workout with a dropset of shoulder presses. Here’s the breakdown, as well as a few move descriptions:

Fit Bit Friday 76 - Jumpstart January Shoulder Shred

Click here to print the PDF .

  • Upright cable row – Stand at a cable machine with the T-bar attached at the lowest point, or stand holding a dumbell in each hand with your palms facing the front of your hips. Keeping palms facing you, draw elbows up and out to the sides as you pull the bar/dumbells up as close to your chin as you can. Slowly lower and repeat.
  • Dumbell lateral raise – Hold dumbells in each hand at your sides with straight arms. Raise the dumbells out to the sides, stopping at shoulder height. Lower slowly and repeat. If this is too difficult, bend your elbows slightly.
  • Arnold press - Sit on a bench with a dumbell in each hand. Perform a biceps curl (both arms at the same time). As the dumbells approach your shoulders, turn your fists so your palms face forward and press the dumbells above your head as you would for a shoulder press. Rotate fists back towards you as you lower the weights to your shoulders, then reverse the biceps curl. That’s one rep.
  • Bent over standing lateral raise – Stand with lighter dumbells in your hands and hing at your hips so that your torso and the floor are parallel. Perform the same dumbell lateral raise that you did previously, but this time focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together each time your arms are extended out to your sides. Slowly lower and repeat.

Turn It Up

Today’s tune is one that I only recently found on Youtube but it was used last year in the Men In Black III movie. I always enjoy Pitbull music videos because his facial expressions never fail to crack me up, and he’s got some great ones in  Back In Time . The song has a fun catchy beat and I’m definitely planning to stick this one in a spin workout.

Have A Read

Alrighty friends, that’s all for today! Before you go, if you’re participating in my Small Steps Toward BIG Results giveaway, or even if you’re not but just want to follow along on the calendar , today’s assignment is to do a random act of kindness. If you really want to take it to the max, check out and commit to 5 random acts. It’s an initiative started by Chatelaine, and upon signing up, $100 will be donated in your name to the Canadian Women’s Foundation by the Lise Watier Foundation. That $100 will support programs across Canada that move women and girls out of poverty, out of violence and into confidence.


Ooh, and one more thing!

If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and want something AWESOME to do tomorrow, check out the Winter Carnival at The Healthy Haven (Fiddleheads, Kara’s Smart Food, The Healthy Butcher and David’s Gourmet) on Bruce St and Victoria in Kitchener. The event runs from 10am-4pm and they’ve got a great lineup of health and wellness experts on the agenda who will be doing talks throughout the day. Read more about them on the Fiddleheads Facebook page , and if you see me there, come over and say hello!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, and a super relaxing, fun-filled weekend! :)

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