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Fit Bit Friday 46

Posted Jun 22 2012 4:30am

Hey hey!!

How are ya? I hope you’ve had a fantastic week and have some fun plans to kick the weekend off in style. This one is especially exciting for me because my sister is visiting (she lives in England) and I haven’t seen her since Christmas! She, my mum and I have got a little road trip planned for tomorrow, and you’ll hear more about it on Monday.  For now, let’s talk fitness, shall we!?


Work It Out

I tried running a little bit on the treadmill earlier this week, and unfortunately it’s still a no-go. Although my foot had been feeling totally fine for most of the prior week and wasn’t irritated at all by the hike I went on this weekend , running just seems to derail all the progress I’m making in recovery. Like last week though, this doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking on the workout front. Thursday’s strength sesh was quite a killer, and since sharing is caring, I’m sharing with you! :)


The Up-High, Down-Low Workout

Fit Bit Friday 45 focused on upper body and core, but this week’s edition shifts down to lower body. There’s a little core work to be done as well – you’ll see that in Circuit 2! Complete Circuit 1 twice, resting 60-90 seconds after you’ve finished the 6 exercises. Once you’ve done 2 rounds, take only the amount of time you need to rearrange your equipment and gather what you need for Circuit 2. Do 2 rounds, with the same rest periods as Circuit 1. Oh, and why ‘up high, down low’ you ask? The first circuit is full of moves you’ll do on your feet, and the second is all done on a mat. Equipment-wise, you’ll need 2 sets of dumbells (one heavy and one lighter set) a stability ball, a mat, a Body Bar or lightly weighted bar, and a jump rope. Let’s go!

Up-High, Down-Low Workout

Click here to print the complete PDF.

I’ve given descriptions of the exercises in the chart and PDF above, but here’s a little more guidance…

Stability ball split squat – see a video here .


The pistol squat – a great explanation can be found here .


The lying single leg hamstring ball curl – See a video of this move and variations here .


The lying weighted glute raise – As below, except holding a weighted plate or barbell across your hips.


Once you’ve finished, grab a mat and be sure to do some lovely loooong stretches for your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and core. (Upward dog and child’s pose are always nice to finish with!) If you want to really calm yourself down, play my tune of the week while you’re at it….

Turn It Up

I’ve professed my love for John Mayer’s music a few times before (like when I went to his concert in Toronto 2 years ago) and he’s succeeded in making me swoon once again with his latest song, Shadow Days . This is by no means a jam that’s going to get you pumped up for a HIIT session, but it is a lovely one to cool down to. Cue the savasana!

Oooh yes please!

Have A Read

Finally, my questions for today:

  • What’s your favourite summer chill-out song?
  • Weekends are a great time to unwind from a long week in the office. How will you be relaxing this weekend?

Ok, it’s go time! I hope you have a wonderful day, and a fabulous weekend. It’s going to be a hot one here, so remember to drink heaps of water and lather up the sunscreen! :)

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