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Fit Bit Friday #4

Posted Jul 29 2011 7:52am

Happy Friday Friends! :)

How are you doing today?! And more importantly, how excited are you that it’s Friday and the weekend is thisclose to being here? I don’t know about you, but this week there are a lot of people in my office that are out on holiday, so sometimes I feel like I’m one of the only ones still working! However, this coming Monday is a holiday for us Canadians and I’m thoroughly looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some (hopefully) gorgeous weather.

For this week’s Fit Bit Friday, I’ve got another skipping workout for you. The emphasis of this one is cardio, so get ready to get your heart pumping! Before I get into it, let’s have a chat about how great skipping can be as a form of exercise. (And if you missed the first Fit Bit Friday skipping post, you can check it out here .)


A great calorie burner: The average person burns around 10 calories per minute jumping at a moderate speed, which translates into a whopping 200 calories in a quick 20-minute workout.

Super-cheap (and eco-friendly!) cardio:  Rather than shelling out a hefty amount of cash for a treadmill, you can take your cardio indoors on cooler days and still get your heart rate up – no wall plugs needed! Some skipping ropes have fancy shmancy features – well, fancy for a rope I suppose. Counters, aluminum handles, and swivel bearing systems can crank the cost up a bit more than others, but if you’re not looking to  skip crazy fast (and I mean 5-6 turns per second, which is what this one does), you can purchase one that does the job fine for about $15-20.

Light as a feather – well, almost. Skipping ropes fit easily into luggage, which means that when you go on holiday, you’ll have plenty of room for these:

Tone all over: Since every part of your body is at work, skipping is a total body workout.

A great way to improve performance in other sports: If you’re in a sport like volleyball or basketball where vertical height matters, skipping is a great way to work on this part of your game.


Alright, let’s get going then shall we?

Work it Out

Get ready to sweat! In this routine, you’ll begin with Round 1, completing the skipping sequence first (below), followed by the floor jacks. Don’t worry if you can’t do each part of the skipping sequence without tripping up – the idea is that you keep moving in order to keep your heart rate up and maximize your calorie burn. If you’re really a beginner, try doing the workout for the first time without a rope just to get used to the movement.

After completing Round 1, rest 30-60 seconds, then progress to the next rounds. They get more difficult as you go, adding time to the skip and reps to the exercises that follow.


The Hop, Skip, Jump Workout

***Disclaimer: As with all workouts posted on Eat Spin Run Repeat, please check with a medical professional before beginning any exercise program. I am not a certified personal trainer and all workouts found on my blog are based only on my own experience.***

  • Round 1: Skipping sequence (20s per variation), 20 floor jacks (this is just like a jumping jack, only your hands are planted on the floor in high plank pose and your legs perform a jumping jack-like movement, toes pushing off the ground every time they land)
  • Round 2: Skipping sequence (30s per variation), 30 mountain climbers
  • Round 3: Skipping sequence (40s per variation), 40 pushups
  • Round 4: Skipping sequence (50s per variation), 50 alternating side lunges (make sure you get nice and low!)
  • Round 5: Skipping sequence (60s per variation), 60 second plank
The skipping sequence:

Don’t forget to drink water throughout the routine and do plenty of stretching when you’re finished!

Turn it Up

This week’s workout jam comes courtesy of Ms Gaga. Although I’d heard of it before, I listened to it for the first time on Pandora yesterday and it is grrrreat!

Have a Read

Here’s some light Friday reading material for you to inspire a healthy kick-start to the weekend:

Questions for today:

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