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Fit Bit Friday 20

Posted Nov 25 2011 6:48am

Hey hey!

Happy Friday! While I expect many of you are probably still in a deep slumber right now, dreaming of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, I’ve just returned from the gym after completing what was a rather intense workout considering it’s the end of the week. I think I was energized by thinking about all the fun things I’ve got going on this weekend, but you’ll hear all about them on Monday morning. For now, let’s get to this week’s Fit Bit Friday !


Work It Out

The ladies in my Wednesday morning spin class know that I’m a big fan of workouts where new moves keep getting added on in a chain-like fashion. I did this type of workout for them this week, and I thought, why not do a strength based one too? Since I like to multitask and get cardio and strength training covered at the same time, I’ve come up with a circuit that gets longer each time you go through it. You can choose to keep adding on for as long as you want, but the whole point is to keep moving as quickly as you can from one exercise to the next to maximize your gym time.

The +1 Workout

***Disclaimer: As with all workouts posted on Eat Spin Run Repeat, please check with a medical professional before beginning any exercise program. I am not a certified personal trainer and all workouts found on my blog are based only on my own experience.***

Here’s the deal: You’ll need the following equipment:

  • A mat (for comfort)
  • A set of dumbells that you can do biceps curls with
  • A stability ball
  • A squat rack with a weighted bar, or a heavier barbell that you can use for squats and lunges. No barbells in sight? Grab a set of heavy dumbells.


Start your workout with the first item on the list – 30s of skipping. If you don’t have a rope, don’t worry – you can simply mimic the motion with your hands and get the same effect. Then, take 30s rest. Start again from the top with the 30s of skipping, but as soon as you’re finished, move into the barbell squats. Complete that round, then do numbers 1-4, then 1-5, 1-6…. you get the idea.

By the time you complete your final round, exercises 1-10, you’ll have given yourself a great full-body workout with some cardio conditioning to boot. If you’re using dumbells instead of barbells for #3 and #4, you could hold the dumbells at your sides or near your shoulders – it’s totally up to you. Regardless of the type of weight, it should be light enough to be able to do the specified number of reps, but heavy enough to really challenge you on the last ones.

Print the PDF

Note: I promise I’ll be getting these Fit Bit Friday PDFs looking much more snazzy next month!

If you’ve got a little energy left at the end (a sign that you might need to cut down your 30s rest to 15 next time!) grab your skipping rope one last time and see how long you can go for. I was rather proud of myself for getting to a whole minute the other day without tripping up, so now I’ve got my sights set on 2!


Turn It Up

This week’s tune is Co-Pilot by Kristina Maria ft Laza Morgan. While it’s not exactly a jam that’s suited toward sprinting or HIIT workouts, it’s catchy and upbeat enough to carry you through a steady run. If you’re cycling, you can do what I make my spin class do, and turn up the resistance every time you hear the lyric “up”. There are roughly 10 of these so pace them wisely, but challenge yourself!

What’s your take? Thumbs up or down?

Have A Read

Here’s your mini fitness news roundup for this week:

Questions for Today:

  • Do your workouts change much over the holidays?
  • On an unrelated note, are you taking advantage of any Black Friday sales today? Any I should know about? As far as I’m aware, Canada doesn’t jump on the Black Friday bandwagon as much as the US does, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing a bit of deal searching today!
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