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Fit and Clean Bacon and Egg Cups Recipe

Posted Jan 23 2013 8:11pm

Hello, all!

How are you all doing? I’ve been great.  I’ve been cooking quite a bit…and everything this time around has actually turned out!  This is very exciting for me.

As some of you know, I’m on a quest to incorporate GMO Free foods and Organic foods into my families diet and our pantry.  So far so good.

I made banana bread for Sean:



This is just your basic banana bread recipe: flour, sugar, vanilla, banana, baking soda. Very simple and easy, and with ingredients that can be pronounced.

I made a colorful fruit salad and there was a huge bowl full (it’s gone now.) The boys and I devoured it within 3 days.


There was cantaloupe too but that is gone also. :)

I tried again at the bacon and egg cups…and made some modifications and they turned out great!



They still don’t look like that wonderful picture I showed you last week but it’s probably made out of plastic or something for food pictures. (They do some weird things when taking pictures of food.)

Here is is my recipe for the bacon and egg cups:

Fit and Clean Bacon and Egg Cup Recipe

12 eggs

12 slices of turkey bacon


cheese to top, or veggies (just set on top of the egg)

tin foil muffin cups.

Preheat oven to 350*

Taking a muffin pan, line each area with a tin foil baking cup.  Situate the bacon around the out edge of the muffin cup.  Crack the egg (whole egg or egg whites) and pour into the middle of the cup.  Add salt and pepper, then top with toppings of your choice, cheese and/or veggies.

Bake for 20-30 minutes.


The kids loved these and, they keep in the fridge to reheat the following day(s) for breakfasts!

I don’t know if I mentioned my winter garden.  Right at the end of fall (it was a little late but oh, well) we planted our winter garden.  The weather is so mild in GA, (usually, this year it’s been very up and down…warm, then ice, then really cold…) Anyway, we planted cold weather seeds outside and they are finally growing!

Fresh garden spinach

Fresh garden spinach

My spinach looks like it needs to be harvested.

We also planted kale:

Farm fresh kale

Farm fresh kale

The kale, unfortunately, isn’t doing as well as the spinach…it looks like it barely grew at all!

I had forgotten what this crop was until I saw these in the ground:

Farm fresh_____?

Farm fresh_____?

Thank goodness I saw these little buggers! I had totally forgotten that we planted radishes!  These are looking like they need to be harvested shortly too.

There was also some romaine lettuce:

Farm fresh romaine lettuce

Farm fresh romaine lettuce

This crop of lettuce could use a little bit more growing time.

The other item that I made this week was frozen yogurt.  My new ice cream machine came, I got it on sale because it was refurbished and it works like a charm.  I made the yogurt homemade, then added cocoa powder, organic sugar and vanilla:



I added this to the frozen container that fits in the ice cream maker and it turned out perfect!

Chocolate frozen yogurt

Chocolate frozen yogurt

I have to admit, that only Aidan and I liked it…Sophia didn’t (I think it was too tangy for her) and Sean isn’t big on chocolate.  This is totally different flavored then ice cream.  The yogurt that I make is very tangy, and then the sugar that is added when frozen makes it a bit sweet.

Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt

Do you remember the other day when I made homemade organic granola?  I found that this granola isn’t only great for snacking, it’s also great for breakfast with some milk.

Granola for breakfast

Granola for breakfast

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday evening!  :)F

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